16The Number 52

In 2011, DC Comics reset their entire product line, creating a whole new multiverse made up of 52 unique Earths based around 52 individual comics. Dubbed The New 52, the number 52 kept coming up in different ways around the new DC Universe and it began

to show itself in The Arrowverse as well.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Channel 52 - a news station which serves both Starling City and Central City, delivering vital exposition to our heroes as needed. Felicity noted dryly in the fifth season Arrow episode "Fighting Fire With Fire" that anchor Bethany Snow "never reports good news."

Most of the uses of the number 52 are more subtle, such as Quentin Lance’s radio call-sign being DC-52. The STAR Labs “Pipeline” is officially labeled as Intake 52. And whenever a criminal is tracked down, they’ll usually be in Room 52 at a hotel or in a warehouse at 52 Suchandsuch Street.

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