The CW Planning to Debut New Arrowverse Series in 2020

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The CW is looking to launch a new show set in the Arrowverse next year. The Arrowverse is certainly going to be busy this fall with Crisis on Infinite Earths. All of the shows, including The CW's Black Lightning for the first time, will be crossing over.

The Arrowverse is about to have its biggest season yet. Arrow, the show that started it all, is coming to a close with season 8. The Flash will be at the forefront of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will finally deal with an important plot point that's been around since the show's first season. While the Legends of Tomorrow missed out on Elseworlds, they will be back for Crisis on Infinite Earths. This event is going to be massive, not only for its encompassing story, but its surprise character appearances. Recently, it was confirmed that veteran Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy will be starring as Bruce Wayne in the event. During Comic-Con, it was announced that Brandon Routh will be donning the cape again and portray the Kingdom Come version of Superman. On top of all this, Batwoman, who appeared in Elseworlds, is getting her own show. It is a good time to be a fan of the Arrowverse, because The CW is also planning yet another show.

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During the Television Critics Association summer press tour (via TVLine), CW president Mark Pedowitz stated the network was planning to launch a new DC Comics TV show for the 2020-2021 season. Pedowitz did not state what that show was, but he did confirm it would be set in the Arrowverse. This is in contrast to Black Lightning, which had no ties to the other shows before the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Of course, many fans across the internet are speculating what DC property will get the TV show treatment. Some are guessing that a Mia Smoak and William spinoff set in 2040 could be coming. Interestingly, on this subject, Pedowitz told TVLine, "There's a possibility, but we haven’t fully had the discussion about that one way or another." So, it seems the new DC show will be something else.

A Superman show starring Tyler Hoechlin has been greatly desired by fans. With Superman seemingly not being used in the movies currently, a show could make sense. However, a Superman show might absorb some of the ratings from Supergirl, something The CW would probably like to avoid. It's possible The CW will once again grab a lesser-known character, like Blue Beetle. Ted Kord is confirmed to exist in the Arrowverse already. Some fans are speculating about a Green Lantern show starring David Ramsey, after the bombshell dropped that implied John was Green Lantern on another Earth. At the moment, fans can only guess. It's unlikely there will be any news until after Crisis on Infinite Earths, so fans will have to wait and see.

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Source: TVLine

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