The CW's 2018 DC Crossover Event Will Include Superman & Lois Lane

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl

The Arrowverse's big 2018 crossover is adding even more notable names as Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane will appear. The CW has crafted a connected multiverse of DC properties on the small screen over the last several years. In doing so, they've brought several major DC characters, both heroes and villains, to life. Characters like Barry Allen aka The Flash, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, and Kara Danvers aka Supergirl all headline their own series', and they'll all meet up again this December for a crossover event.

The event had already generated major interest thanks to the confirmed introduction of Batwoman and the first journey to Gotham City in the universe. They've since added Ruby Rose to the universe as Batwoman with the hopes of spinning her off into her own show. When she appears in this year's crossover, she'll be doing so alongside some other major DC characters.

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The CW is bringing Tyler Hoechlin's Superman back to the small screen for the crossover; he'll appear in all three nights of the crossover. But he won't be alone in this venture as the universe is also set to introduce Lois Lane through the crossover, although no actress has been cast in the role at this time.

Hoechlin's Superman was completely absent from season 3 of Supergirl after making multiple appearances in season 2. His return is something many viewers have been waiting to see, so now that he's returning for the crossover, it will finally happen. The inclusion of Superman raises the stakes of the crossover, which so far does not have a villain confirmed.

As great as it will be to see Hoechlin reappear, the introduction of Lois Lane is a big move, too. It is the latest step by the Arrowverse to flesh out Superman's world, but also brings the reporter to the universe. Although there are no further details at this time, one does have to wonder if Lois Lane could make additional appearances in the latter half of Supergirl season 4. The casting process for Lois is currently underway, so an announcement could come at any time.

Arrowverse star Stephen Amell says the crossover will be more character focused this year after the loaded cast that was featured last year. Even if that is the case, the profile of the characters the upcoming crossover will have is much higher. The debut of Rose's Batwoman and whoever is cast as Lois Lane will be big moments, as will be the return of Hoechlin and his introduction to the other Arrowverse heroes.

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