Arrowverse Crossover Set Photos Reveal First Look At DC's The Monitor

Arrowverse crossover set photos for "Elseworlds" - which will include Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl - reveal the first look at the Monitor and his comics-accurate costume. For The CW's annual DC TV crossover, the heroes of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up for an adventure inspired by the Elseworlds comics - which are storylines set outside the continuity of the main comics. This year, the heroes from Legends of Tomorrow are sitting out the crossover, but The CW's big three will be teaming up with some other superheroes and comic characters.

Not only will Supergirl's Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) return, "Elseworlds" will introduce Ruby Rose's Batwoman. Further confirmed co-stars of the crossover include Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane and Cassandra Jean Amell as Nora Fries, the wife of Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze. Additional characters who have been cast include Jeremy Davies as an Arkham Asylum doctor and LaMonica Garrett as The Monitor. Now the latter has been glimpsed on the set of the crossover, revealing our first look at the character.

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Canadagraphs posted a series of photos from the set of the Arrowverse crossover, which has been filming since at least last week. The photos include Stephen Amell in the Flash costume, John Wesley Shipp in his '90s Flash suit, and Garrett in costume as The Monitor. See some of the photos in Canadagraphs' tweet below, then click the link for addition photos from the Arrowverse set.

Click Here for the Arrowverse Crossover Set Photos

As showcased by the set photos, The CW's version of the Monitor seems to be ripped from the comics, where the character was introduced in the '80s. The incredibly specific hair style and mutton chops, coupled with the bulky armor, are as close to the DC Comics as fans could hope for. It also confirms the Arrowverse crossover will be adapting the version of the character introduced prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, though it's unclear whether "Elseworlds" will be adapting that particular storyline.

Fans have long expected The CW will adapt Crisis on Infinite Earths at some point, especially since it seems the easiest way to merge the separate universes in the multiverse and bring Supergirl onto the same Earth as Arrow and The Flash. Now, the Monitor's costume adds more fuel to the fire that the long-awaited Crisis adaptation will finally arrive this year. However, whether that turns out to be the case remains to be seen until more information about "Elseworlds" is revealed. For now, fans can check out the first look at the Monitor and offer their theories on what it means for the larger Arrowverse.

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The Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" crossover event kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8pm ET, then continues with Arrow on Monday Dec. 10 at 8pm ET, and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday Dec. 11 at 8pm ET.

Source: Canadagraphs

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