Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover Trailer Teases A Crisis Is Coming

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The CW releases a brand new trailer for this year's Arrowverse crossover titled "Elseworlds." Bringing together ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl as DC's Legends of Tomorrow sits this year out altogether, the upcoming special will also mark the on-screen debut of the newest superhero to join the network in Ruby Rose as Kate Kane aka. Batwoman before she potentially stars in her own solo show.

Told in three parts divided among the series, the overarching narrative has a lot going in it. Aside from Batwoman's introduction, Arrowverse's Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will also be back, and this time will have to battle his black suit-wearing counterpart. And of course, perhaps the most intriguing part of "Elseworlds" revealed so far is the persona switch between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) making them take each other's personas as the Green Arrow and the Flash.

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A brand new trailer for "Elseworlds" has arrived, giving fans an overall look at what to expect in the upcoming superhero crossover starting this weekend. Released by The CW, the more than a minute clip features every key player in the TV event including newcomer Batwoman. Watch the full video below:

The trailer doubles down on the upcoming persona swap between Oliver and Barry. But while previously released teasers have focused on the two's immediate reaction upon realizing what's going on, this latest clip delves deep into the conflict that will arise with the pair having to live each other's lives. One notable moment is when Oliver confronts Barry with the idea that his team has turned their backs against him. This creates an interesting dynamic for the Arrowverse heroes - something that fans haven't seen since they started working together for a common goal.

From the looks of it, Barry and Oliver will come forward and tell their friends about the situation. But it's clear that they're having a hard time wrapping their heads around it, as seen in Caitlin's (Danielle Panabaker) questioning and Barry's frustrated reply. That said, it appears Diggle (David Ramsay) may eventually be able to move past the absurdity of the issue quickly as he joins Oliver to confront Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) over at Arkham Asylum, effectively bringing them to Gotham. The CW is keeping many of the details concerning Deegan's character under wraps but whoever he is, it's clear he has ties to The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) who is responsible for destroying Earth-90's reality. How they come together remains to be seen, but if the Arrowverse heroes don't find a way to stop the villains, their current reality will also be left in shambles.

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The Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" crossover event kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8pm ET, then continues with Arrow on Monday, Dec. 10 at 8pm ET, and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 8pm ET.

Source: The CW

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