Elseworlds: Arrowverse Crossover Poster Features Wayne Tower Easter Egg

This year's Arrowverse crossover was officially titled Elseworlds this morning, and the announcement poster revealed the first look at Gotham as well as a not-so-subtle Wayne Tower Easter egg. Continuing off the success of previous years' crossover episodes between the main superhero programs on The CW - namely Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl - this year's crossover event is taking things to new levels. After first starting off with just a brief crossover between Arrow and The Flash has turned into an epic annual event.

Last year saw all four shows (and their respective superheroes) take part in a "crisis" that evoked similarities to the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline from the comics. And now, they are looking to expand upon that with 2018's Elseworlds story arc, which happens to leave the Legends by the wayside. In addition to once again uniting the CW's heroes, the Elseworlds crossover event will also take place in Gotham and introduce audiences to Ruby Rose's Batwoman. While fans wait for the inevitable first look at Batwoman, they now have an idea of what the network's version of Gotham will look like.

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The CW's Elseworlds announcement poster (below) that released online today had a city in the background that is clearly Gotham. First off, the Batwoman symbol is shining in the sky (instead of Batman's), but what's even more convincing that it's Gotham is the fact that Wayne Tower is standing tall in the center of the poster. There are bound to be other Easter eggs in the image, but they are difficult to discern based on the quality of the poster that was released.

Since it was previously announced that Batwoman and Gotham would be the focal points of this year's Arrowverse crossover event, it isn't too surprising that the network would reveal the city already. But now that means the next step after confirming the title is revealing the first look at Rose's Batwoman. Considering that her symbol is rather comic accurate, it seems that the writers and producers may be going for a comic accurate suit as well. After all, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are both going for comic accurate looks for their characters, Green Arrow and the Flash, respectively, with Amell growing out his beard and Gustin sporting a brighter, more sleek Flash costume. There's no reason to stop there.

Furthermore, this crossover event will essentially be a dry run for the network before committing to a full Batwoman spinoff series, which they already have in the works. But the one question that will continue to surround the Elseworlds crossover as well as the potential Batwoman TV show is, where's Batman? It's already been revealed that Bruce Wayne exists in the Arrowverse (further confirmed by the Wayne Tower Easter egg), but his status as Batman is unclear - and it's not something that The CW may be willing to answer at this stage.

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