DCTV's Crisis on Earth-X Trailer Unites Arrow, Flash & Supergirl

Our first look at  'Crisis On Earth-X' for this year's DC TV crossover has just been released. The annual event is one thing that die-hard Arrowverse fans have been looking forward every fall TV season, as it melds all the separate worlds existing in the same reality with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all coming together for a special ensemble spectacle.

This year, the four-show, two-night crossover will find the heroes going up against their evil counterparts as the latter come to Earth aiming to wreak havoc. The teams from the different series come together and once again work as a single unit to overcome the adversary at hand. Dubbed as a four-hour movie by Arrow's Stephen Amell, the small screen spectacle is expected to raise the bar higher when it comes to the annual gathering of DC's biggest superheroes on TV, which began back in 2014 with just Arrow and The Flash partaking in the event.


As we inch our way to the upcoming TV special, The CW has released the very first promo teaser for  'Crisis On Earth-X.' Clocking at just 10-seconds, not much can be deciphered in the shots, but from the looks of it, folks behind the production for the event did not scrimp on action as we see Oliver, Barry and Kara all gearing up for battle, as well as White Canary and Alex Danvers also seemingly preparing for an intense fight. Check out the full clip above

It is interesting to see Oliver back wearing his green suit, especially with what is currently happening in his own standalone series. As fans know, he decided to put his vigilante days behind him and passed the mantle as Star City's local crime-fighting hero to Diggle several outings ago and the arrangement still sticks until now. But with the events of last week's "Reversal" episode and David Ramsay's comments about his character not being the Emerald Archer for very long, there might be something happening in the next several weeks leading to 'Crisis On Earth-X' event that would ultimately push Oliver to put the suit back on.

Not much is known regarding the narrative specifics of this year's annual DC TV crossover other than the fact that we know that our heroes are slated to go head to head against their evil selves. Having said that, lest we forget that the event is also a cause for a big celebration with Barry and Iris supposedly finally tying the knot.


The CW's special 'Crisis On Earth-X' Arrowverse event will air on Monday. November 27 and Tuesday, November 28.

Source: The CW

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