Arrowverse Crossover Set Photo Shows a New Costume For Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

A new photo from the set of the Arrowverse crossover teases the return of Captain Cold and his new costume. Death rarely means much in the comics, regardless of how aggressively publishers will push the idea for certain characters. Despite marketing campaigns and promises, most every major hero or villain who has died in a Marvel or DC comic eventually returns. When it comes to the Arrowverse, there's been little deviation from the source material in this regard. And with time travel and parallel worlds both regular fixtures on shows like Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, there's not much stopping writers from reviving deceased characters.

When it comes to fan-favorite Captain Cold, as played by Wentworth Miller, the idea that he'd ever truly leave the Arrowverse is a tough sell. Still, that hasn't stopped attempts from being made. The original version of the former villain died saving his friends, while a more evil iteration appeared for awhile on last season of Legends of Tomorrow. We know he'll once again be returning to that show this season, but a whole new take on Leonard Snart has been teased by the showrunner. Now, we may have our first look at the third Captain Cold.

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YVR Shoots (via CBR) has a new photo from the set of the Arrowverse crossover. In it, we see The Flash, Green Arrow, and Citizen Steel having a chat with Captain Cold in a brand-new costume.

DC mashup today under Vancouver's Granville Bridge. #Arrow #TheFlash #LegendsofTomorrow #Supergirl crossover

— YVRShoots (@yvrshoots) October 17, 2017

While the look is still a good deal different from anything in the comics, it's certainly closer to a proper costume. For years now, Cold has donned goggles and a big blue parka with a furry hood. Essentially, it was a more real-world approach to his comic book look. And while this new version replaces the typical white of Cold's costume with standard vigilante black, the suit is clearly more complex than his previous looks. Along with the pants and shirt, the whole costume falls more in line with the stylized outfits many of the other characters wear. It also indicates this is in fact a new version of Cold.

We don't know when Captain Cold will return to Legends of Tomorrow, but it's possible he gets picked up during the crossover. The heroes will be traveling to Earth-X to fight evil versions of themselves, so perhaps it's there that they meet this Cold. Given a radically new version of the character has been promised, it's likely this Snart will actually be heroic. There's all sorts of examples of good versions of The Flash's Rogues Gallery in the comics, and they usually hail from alternate worlds. Regardless of where this Captain Cold came from, it will be exciting to see how he fits into the dynamic of the crossover.

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Source: YVR Shoots (via CBR)

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