Next Arrowverse Crossover Includes Batwoman & Gotham City

The Arrowverse is finally heading to Gotham City and bringing Batwoman along. As The CW has built up its universe of DC properties, it has had to do so while working with DC Entertainment. This has sometimes led to restrictions on what characters they can't use (see Deathstroke and Deadshot's disappearances), but also allowed for lesser known characters to get their shine. The result has kept ArrowThe FlashSupergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow alive for multiple seasons with all of them now crossing over twice for a mega-event.

They are planning to do such an event once again and needed to find a new threat that forced them all to come together. They've previously battled an alien invasion and opened up some new doors in the process. But, their plans for the next crossover will finally venture to Batman's hometown - even if he won't be there.

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During The CW's Upfront presentation, Arrow star Stephen Amell took to the stage to discuss the future of his show and the universe. In doing so, he dropped some major news about what they've planned for the next crossover. The full details haven't been revealed, but the heroes will journey to Gotham City for the first time ever and will be joined by Kate Kane aka Batwoman according to Michael Schneider. Check out some teaser art for the crossover below too.

The ability for the Arrowverse to finally interact with Gotham is a major step for the universe to take. They've referenced Gotham by name before, and finally name dropped Bruce Wayne in this past season of Arrow, but the chance to go there could open up the universe for so much more. They were able to use Superman (albeit briefly) in Supergirl, so them starting to build up Gotham by bringing in Batwoman could just be the beginning.

They have yet to announce casting for Batwoman or what her introduction means moving forward, but there has to be discussions happening right now about potentially spinning her out into her own series. There's not even a mandate that it'd have to be just Batwoman either. The CW could possibly launch a Bat Family show in a year. After all, Gotham is concluding its run with season 5, so DC could be interested in getting another Batman-related series out (that isn't the Alfred prequel TV series).

Even if a Batwoman series isn't what the ultimate future is, she could become a recurring character across the universe. There's also the chance that they could begin to use some more iconic Batman villains as well. If Gotham and Batman properties are now fully available, then the Arrowverse just got a ton of new toys to play with. At the very least, it instantly makes the upcoming crossover even more anticipated.

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Source: Michael Schneider

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