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UPDATE: Here are our casting picks for Batwoman.

A new report offers exciting new details on The CW's Batwoman series and the three-part Arrowverse crossover that will lead into it. Fans of Batwoman were excited several months ago when it was announced that this year's annual crossover event between the various superhero series on The CW (collectively known as the Arrowverse) would take place in Gotham City and feature her as a character. That excitement escalated into ecstasy recently, when The CW announced that the crossover would kick off a new Batwoman solo series.

Reintroduced into the modern DC Universe in 2006, Kate Kane was the scion of an old-money family in Gotham City. Kate had attempted to follow in her father's footsteps as a US Army officer and was accepted into the United States Military Academy at Westpoint. She was forced to leave the school, however, after her status as a lesbian and her relationship with a fellow cadet were exposed and she chose to leave the academy rather than break the honor code by lying about her sexual orientation. She would find another way to serve and protect, however, taking up the Batwoman mantle to aid her cousin, Bruce Wayne, with his war on crime.

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That Hasthtag Show released an updated report on both the crossover event and the eventual Batwoman TV series. The largest piece of new information was a character synopsis of Kate Kane from the casting call, which was open to openly gay actresses of any ethnicity, between 25-29.

Batwoman Detective Comics 975

The character summary reads:

Kate is fully aware of how bad-ass she is whenever she enters a room, even though she prefers to put a smile on your face. Young Ms. Kane is physically and intellectually confident while being a woman who is proud to be openly gay. However, Kate still deals with her inner demons that go back to her history with her dad. Their relationship is quite complicated as she struggles to get praise from him. She once aspired to have a successful military career, but those dreams sadly came to an end as she was kicked out of West Point once she came out of the closet. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the crime-fighting vigilante known as Batwoman. Striking fear into the criminals she fights, Kate is someone who must also fight the complications of living a double life, both as a citizen and hero of Gotham. While she has her shield up when fighting criminals, she lets herself be vulnerable when dating women.

This description sounds true to Kate Kane's history and character as portrayed in the comics. It also appears that the show will be establishing Kate's father, Colonel Jacob Kane, as part of her supporting cast for the series. This bodes well for the series' pilot, which will be written by Caroline Dries - formerly a writer for Smallville and The Vampire Diaries - who will also serve as an executive producer for the show.

The report from That Hashtag Show also reaffirmed previous reports that the crossover event introducing Batwoman into the Arrowverse would be a three-part event, spread across Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. It will take place in the ninth episode of each show's respective seasons. Why Legends of Tomorrow is not part of the event this year is anyone's guess, though some have speculated that the Legends might not be the best fit for a story set in Gotham City. Questions as to the status of Batman in the Arrowverse and whether or not we can expect Kate Kane's ex-girlfriend, GCPD police Officer Rene Montoya to be a part of the show are still up in the air. Based on what has been reported so far, however, this show will be one to watch regardless.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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