10 Arrowverse Characters That Could Return For Crisis On Infinite Earths

Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to be a massive event, one that could benefit from bringing back these franchise characters.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to be the Endgame of the Arrowverse. It will unite so many parts of the universe and indeed the wider multiverse, into one huge crossover event. It's going to do something that has never been done on television before.

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We're already seeing so many old faces returning to the front lines to fight for the fate of the multiverse itself and there's sure to be a few other familiar heroes and possibly villains, who will surface during this massive event. We're taking a look at 10 Arrowverse characters who could return for that final fight in Crisis on Infinite Earths. 


The Ray appeared in Crisis on Earth X as a hero in a completely different universe. He was compelling and interesting and was coupled up with a version of Captain Cold from that reality. The Ray has also had an Arrowverse based animated show in the past.

With this huge multiversal threat imminent it would make sense that we revisit an Earth we have seen in the past, Earth X. The Ray would absolutely be a useful person in a final fight, whoever that may be against and it would be a great way to write a Snart back into Earth 1.


Hawkgirl was a major player in the early portion of the Arrowverse and served as a method for slowly expanding that universe. However, she was written out along with Hawkman and never returned once she had made her exit.

There's every reason to bring the duo back, but Hawkgirl, in particular, was an extremely interesting member of the Arrowverse and indeed the Legends. After her travels and link to a magical universe, she may have some new experiences that she can offer for this Crisis.


Lex Luthor has only just been featured in the Arrowverse, but he seemed to be written out thanks to an untimely death. However, it appears the Monitor revived him for some unknown reason, so it's likely he will return for this Crisis.

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It would be a great way to bring the character back if he was some sort of emerging hero from the conflict. He will fight for reality as he obviously exists within it, but it would be fun to watch him cleverly spin the tale of events to create a hero out of himself, as he has done in the comics in the past.


Jesse Quick is another character from a completely different reality so it would be fitting to bring this speedster back as the multiverse is set to collapse. She has a vast variety of skills to draw upon and we imagine she is now incredibly experienced as a hero.

It would be fun to watch her interact with some of the other speedsters that will be involved in this and we could finally see Jess and Kid-Flash reunited finally, to dwell on their previous failed relationship. Plus, you can never have too many speedsters. It would be amazing to see this generation team up with the Flashes of the past.


Deadshot has had a tricky history in the Arrowverse, due to, in part, interference from the movie side of the DC universe. At this time, Deadshot's status is unknown but he could be brought back in a number of different ways.

He has been one of the most poignant characters of all of the Arrowverse though and his skills with a gun might come in handy, especially if an assassin is needed for a situation. If this is to be a celebration of everything that has come before, then Deadshot must be in the mix. Plus we can see him face off against Batwoman since he is usually an enemy of the Bat-family.


We're sure there's going to be a number of unique team-ups during this Crisis and the Birds of Prey could make a comeback. We've seen a version in the past with Overwatch, Black Canary, and Black Siren as the main members.

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The return of Huntress could complete this team and bring back a much-needed hero into the universe. There's been a real focus on the female characters in the Arrowverse recently and Huntress is such an important character from the comics and in these TV shows. It would be a shame for her to miss out on this crossover.


We got a glimpse of the Accelerate Man in a past episode of The Flash and fans have been obsessed with him ever since. He's from the same Earth as Gypsy and it's likely that she will be coming to Earth 1 for that final fight.

It makes sense therefore that she'd bring one of the greatest heroes from her reality and that is the Accelerated Man. By teasing him in the past, the CW set up the idea that there are so many other versions of these heroes and we may get to finally see them all in action.


Helen of Troy briefly encountered the Legends. During their meeting, the Legends dropped her off in an ancient place so that she could learn to become a lethal warrior. This location was Themyscura, of course, the home of Wonder Woman.

With the universe folding on itself, we're already aware that Lynda Carter is returning as Wonder Woman. It would be a fun nod for Helen of Troy to also return leading her own group of warriors after years of training and working with the Amazonians.


Mon-El was a mainstay in the Arrowverse for some time before he returned to the future with the Legion of Superheroes. With such a big problem becoming a threat to all universes, regardless of whether it's in the past or future, it would make sense for Mon-El to return.

With Brainy and Winn acting as links between the present and the future, it would be easy to get the Legion to return, especially since Winn will be coming back into the fold. Mon-El can be leading this elite group, perhaps with a few new members within their ranks.


Ragman left team Arrow after his suit was ruined and he lost his powers. However, there's every chance that he could have regained his abilities once again. Part of the reason he was removed from the series was that he was simply too overpowered for the show.

But, this largely forgotten member of the team could make his triumphant return when all seems lost. He'd make a big impact if he was to return last minute and perhaps he could be joined by other magic-based heroes who could join the fray and lead to a turning of the tide.

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