• We know how Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin in the Arrowverse... 1 / 8

    Crisis CW Vertical
  • ...and it will be just like it was in the original DC Comic. 2 / 8

  • An Arrowverse producer confirmed parallel universes will be destroyed. 3 / 8

    Heroes in Crisis Vertical
  • This will be the result of the Anti-Monitor's plans. 4 / 8

    Supergirl Crisis on Infinite Earths Monitor and Lex Luthor vertical
  • But, this isn't the only parallel to the comics the shows will make. 5 / 8

  • The producer said they want to do their own take on several iconic moments... 6 / 8

    Crisis On Infinite Earths The Death of Supergirl vertical
  • expect some familiar elements but with the Arrowverse twist. 7 / 8

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