Crisis on Earth-X Featured A Surprising Arrow Cameo

Arrow the Queen's Christmas Party Oliver Thea and Moira

Moira Queen came back to voice Earth-X's version of Gideon in their very own Waverider. This year's DCTV crossover titled 'Crisis on Earth-X' wrapped up its four-show special with DC's Legends of Tomorrow with a few good and bad surprises.

As we see Kara Zor-El/Overgirl (Melissa Benoist) and Oliver Queen/Dark Arrow (Stephen Amell) aboard the alternate version of the Waverider while the latter tries to recuperate, they were greeted by alt Gideon trying accommodate them with their needs. But soon after, fans were treated to a familiar voice which Arrow fans quickly recognized as Susanna Thompson's, the actress who played the mother of Earth-1 Oliver, Moira Queen.


In the episode, the Arrow alum provided the voice for the Earth-X's artificial intelligence system, further establishing Dark Arrow's soft spot for the people he deems important in his life. We already saw hints of that with his attachment to his wife, Overgirl, and now, seeing that his mom is kept alive by voicing an AI only solidifies this notion. This is despite the fact that alternate Oliver appears to put a menacing front and has a pivotal role in the tyrannical rule in his home planet.

Oliver and Felicity Arrow

Thompson was one of the few principal cast members of Arrow when it debuted all the way back in 2012, but her regular stint in the show did not last very long. After partaking in a slew of conspiracy theories that included a brief affair with villain, Malcolm Merlyn, that led to the birth of Thea, she was eventually murdered by Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke, as part of his revenge plan against Oliver. Having said that, we have continued to see Moira in one form or another following her death. In fact, she was also part of last year's Arrowverse crossover that also coincided with Arrow's monumental 100th episode, despite just being in a dream sequence.

Aside from Moira Queen's unconventional comeback, there was quite a few other surprises that 'Crisis on Earth-X' dropped on fans, including the shotgun marriage between Oliver and Felicity, officiated by none other than Diggle. Although Arrow fans may understandably be frustrated that the low-key wedding did not take place on an Arrow episode, we expect that there will be a huge celebration next week in Star City after the two finally tying the knot after a very tumultuous on and off again relationship in the last couple of seasons.


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