Arrowverse: 5 Characters Who Deserve Spin-Offs (& 5 Who Don't)

Arrowverse has introduced a huge array of DC characters, but who of them deserves a spin-off? And who should be left alone?

The Arrowverse is constantly expanding and contains a lot of memorable characters. While some of them have gained the spotlight they deserve, others should get their own TV show to continue fleshing out their backstory and exploring their lives further.

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Across all the Arrowverse shows there's plenty of characters that we could think of to give a spin-off show to. Recently there have been reports that some of these characters are in fact getting their own TV series. However, others definitely should not be granted their own shows, either because the character isn't interesting enough or their story has been already heavily explored. Here are 5 characters who deserve a spin-off and 5 who don't!


Ralph is a mainstay of Team Flash but he's far from the most interesting character. While he's a fun bit of comic relief and his powers are different compared to what we've seen in the Arrowverse, there's not that much more to explore here.

Most people would want a Plastic Man show over an Elongated Man one, so that already weakens the chances of a spin-off. His story is usually the subject of weekly subplots as well and we're really not sure what else could be done with this character.


The Man of Steel has been a highlight of this universe, as the CW's version of the character has to be one of the best versions ever put to screen. Fans are thrilled whenever he is announced to return, with Clark Kent just as brilliant as Superman himself.

It was recently announced that a Superman show was in the works as part of the Arrowverse. While we're already seen a lot of Krypton and a few different Superman villains, there's so much more to be done here and we just can't wait to watch it.


Rip Hunter was a standout of the Legends team for some time, but as his narrative got more convoluted, the character became more and more complicated. Eventually, he sacrificed himself saving the team and time, which was a heroic and fitting death.

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There is no need to ruin that perfect ending and there is very little left that this character can offer. We know that he probably had countless fun adventures across time, but we've already seen that. The actor behind the role is fantastic but the character just doesn't deserve a whole show.


Katana recently resurfaced in the Arrowverse to remind everyone how much potential the character has. Fans have seen her traumatic past and the kind of hero she is trying to become. This story alone is already inspirational and deserving of a spin-off.

The Arrowverse has explored Asia a little, but it would be great to get a whole series exploring the crime and superheroes of countries like South Korea, China, and Japan. Katana could deliver that and produce a really unique show with a completely different tone!


The White Canary has had quite the journey in this universe; however, as she's currently the Captain of the Waverider, Sara Lance essentially has her own show. Sara has a great backstory, is a fearsome fighter, and an incredibly good leader.

A White Canary show wouldn't offer anything different from what has been done before. Unless her situation and the universe itself drastically changes, Sara has been one of the main players for so long that there wouldn't be any new ground to tread. A Canaries show is already in the works, which makes a White Canary show even more pointless.


John Constantine has always been a standout character. It's why he had his own show in the first place. After that got canceled, he was unexpectedly weaved into the Arrowverse. He eventually found a place on the Waverider where he has inspired a number of magical stories.

We can't help but feel that things seem a little unfinished though. A show featuring Constantine once again would be a welcome change of place, as it could continue to explore this dark world of angels and demons. There's so much more to explore and perhaps the Sandman universe could be brought into play.


The Deathstroke character is truly finished in the Arrowverse. We've seen him fall to the dark side, rise up as a monstrous killer, become good again, have a son, and the Deathstroke gang is now running Star City and the Glades.

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It's fair to say that there's nowhere else to turn with the character. A solo series might explore his journey after the events already seen, but Deathstroke should return only to fight Batwoman, or better yet, the Dark Knight himself.


Jonah Hex has always been a fascinating character to watch. He's had a film and been featured multiple times in the Arrowverse. The character has been placed in the Old West, which is the most obvious location for him.

That said, we'd love to see a Jonah Hex series, even if it is only for a limited run, where he is brought into the future and has to deal with the present day. Those western elements in a modern setting would be a lot of fun and the series could dig deeper into this broken character's psyche.


The Martian Manhunter is one of the most popular characters in comics. On the small screen, everything about him has been thoroughly explored, from Mars and his family to his crime-fighting days. That doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else.

J'onn J'onzz has become such an integral player in Kara Danvers' story, so much so, there's nothing new to do with Martian Manhunter. Considering the character is so great, that's a shame. If nothing else, we can continue watching him as a main character every week on Supergirl.


The Justice Society of America has barely been touched on, yet they are such a brilliant team with a variety of quality members. In fact, the team even contains Star Girl, who is receiving her own solo show at some point in the future.

The team operates in the past, which would give the show a really different tone. We haven't seen any Arrowverse shows set in the same retro era before. With so many different powers and personalities, there's an infinite amount of potential here.

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