Arrowverse Characters Already Dead When The Elseworlds Crossover Begins

The Arrowverse 2018 crossover event, Elseworlds, starts this weekend, and there are quite a few characters that are already dead. In the Elseworlds teaser trailer first shown at the end of Supergirl's midseason finale, several well-known characters can be spotted lying dead on the ground.

This year, Arrowverse's crossover event consists of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, but excludes Legends of TomorrowElseworlds will bring back Tyler Hoechlin's Superman, and serve as the Arrowverse debuts for Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane and Ruby Rose as Batwoman. Elseworlds will unite the Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Superman, and Batwoman for an adventure that will dramatically alter the fabric of the shared universe, but it turns out that several iconic characters from DC Comics' history will be dead before all of that happens.

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In the Elseworlds teaser trailer, Earth-90's Flash (John Wesley Shipp) is facing off against the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), with a backdrop of fallen superheroes. Many of the heroes are clearly established Arrowverse characters, but are most likely their counterparts from Earth-90, or from a different reality altogether. Here's a list of the heroes who fell in battle against the Monitor:

  • Stargirl - Stargirl is the first dead character to be shown. While there's no way of knowing which timeline she's from, her costume bears a strong resemblance to the one worn by Legends of Tomorrow's Stargirl.
  • Green Arrow - There's a character in a Green Arrow suit which resembles the one worn by Smallville's Green Arrow.
  • Firestorm - This could be Earth-90's version of Ronnie Raymond, the original Firestorm. The Earth-1 Ronnie Raymond died in season 2.
  • A female character in red could either be Earth-90's Jesse Quick or Speedy (Thea Queen) from Arrow.
  • A character in a gray suit could be Brainiac-5 or even Spartan, the alter ego of Arrow's John Diggle.
  • Huntress - This character is hard to identify, but her costume does look similar to the DC Comics character who has had a few appearances on Arrow.
  • Hawkman - Hawkman's helmet is visible in the scene, along with a man dressed in a costume typically worn by Hawkman.
  • Hawkgirl- Hawkgirl's helmet is seen, but there is no body to be found.
  • The Ray -As with Hawkgirl, only his helmet is present in the scene. So far, The Ray is only known to exist on Earth-X, but could presumably have an Earth-90 counterpart.
  • Constantine - A character with blond hair and a long coat is seen lying on the ground with the others.
  • Captain Cold - A character wearing Captain Cold's trademark hood could be Earth-90's version of the character since Earth-1's Captain Cold is dead.

It's possible that the Green Arrow seen in the teaser isn't from Earth-90, and is actually from the world of Smallville. The costume worn by this Green Arrow looks almost identical to the one worn by Justin Hartley's Oliver Queen in Smallville. Arrow star Stephen Amell has already revealed Elseworlds will feature a major reference to Smallville. Depending on what happens, it's possible that Smallville could be integrated into the Arrowverse, which now apparently already includes the 1990 TV series, The Flash, in which Shipp played Barry Allen. It appears that the world from the 1990's The Flash may be destroyed during the crossover. And because of that, Shipp's Barry Allen may end up being Earth-90's sole survivor, since the character has been seen in promos making a stand with the other Arrowverse heroes.

The possible inclusion of Smallville's Green Arrow in the teaser suggests that the characters spotted in the background aren't limited to Earth-90. Since the crossover is expected to encompass multiple realities, it would make sense for characters across several worlds to team up against the Monitor. Since Elseworlds will span several worlds itself, even more alternate versions of Arrowverse heroes may appear when the event begins on Sunday.

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