10 Arrowverse Characters That Could Be Completely Different People On Alternate Earths

The Arrowverse has already firmly established the concept of a multiverse and many different Earths. Over the course of the various CW series, we've seen different incarnations of the same characters. Alex Danvers, for instance, has already been presented to us as two completely separate individuals.

The upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to feature lots more realities, all of which will have their own version of these popular heroes and villains. We know that Ray Palmer will also be Clark Kent in this crossover, showing us that there's plenty of opportunities for these well-established characters to be someone completely different. Here are 10 characters that might find themselves in different roles on alternate Earths.

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10 Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells has had so many different incarnations. Whether it's HR, the Wells from Earth Two, or a Sherlock Holmes version of the character, the ongoing joke in the Arrowverse is that Harrison Wells will never stop returning in new forms.

In Crisis on Infinite EarthsHarrison Wells will be the character known as Pariah, but perhaps Wells could be the key to all of this, unifying all of these Earths together through the court of Wells. It's very likely that we see yet another version of the character in the crossover, perhaps someone with huge ramifications.

9 Nora Allen

Nora Allen is also known as X-S. She's the daughter of Barry and Iris, but there could be a slightly different role for her on another Earth. Barry famously has twins in the comics known as the Tornado Twins. What if there was another Earth where this was the reality?

Nora Allen could be a twin on another Earth and therefore be Dawn Allen instead. In that reality, she'd be one half of the superhero duo. It would be really strange seeing a version of this character with a sibling, but it's entirely possible in this bizarre multiverse.

8 John Diggle

It's probably expected by now that we'll see John as a different version of the character on another Earth. It's been mentioned time and time again, even by an alternate Flash, that John Diggle could very well be a Green Lantern in another reality.

The assumption is that Diggle would actually be John Stewart, one of the leading members of the Green Lantern Corps. With this huge crossover bringing in lots of surprises, it would be great fans service to see this version of Diggle before he is likely written out of the universe at the end of Crisis. 

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7 Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers supposedly doesn't exist on Earth 1 because Supergirl never crashes into the Earth. What if, in one reality, Kara Danvers was never a Kryptonian at all, but just a regular human? That would have a huge impact on her life moving forward.

What would be interesting about a character like that is whether she still has heroism in her blood and a way of inspiring hope in other people? Is Kara Danvers the way she is because of her Kryptonian origins or is it so much more than that? A version of Kara like this could explore this idea further.

6 Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen could have had so many different paths. Multiple Earths would certainly showcase this. But, what happens if Oliver was never a Queen? If he was instead born into poverty rather than great wealth, would he still become a vigilante in the same way?

If everything else was the same, including crashing on the island, would he become the Green Arrow, or something completely different? Perhaps his turn into a vigilante would be a lot swifter with a greater understanding of the conditions on the streets that he lives on.

5 Felicity Smoak

The comparisons between Felicity Smoak and Barbara Gordon have been made many times before. Since Gotham is now part of the Arrowverse dialogue, why don't we see a universe where Felicity really is in this role?

Rather than being Overwatch to team Arrow she could actually be Oracle for a number of different heroes across Gotham city. Of course, we could eventually see her transition into Batgirl, as well, a role that would be breaking new ground for a character that hasn't yet worn a mask.

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4 Clark Kent

The defining feature of Clark Kent is that his planet was destroyed and so he was sent to Earth, becoming Superman. But what if Krypton was still around and Clark Kent lived on it for a number of years before finally travelling to Earth?

One version of reality could very well have those events and that version of Clark Kent would be a completely different character to anything we've seen. Since he was in such a well off family, his original personality would be closer to Mon-El, which would be a really big difference for Superman.

3 John Constantine

John Constantine has meddled far too much with the mystic arts and magic. There's a version of reality where he may not follow magic in the same way, however. Perhaps, in some version of events, he is a completely different character, yet he is always drawn to the mystic arts.

In another reality, it would be fun to see Constantine as any number of other characters. Perhaps he could be a version of Doctor Fate, chosen to continue working with magic and sorcery by a helmet. Or, maybe, in another reality, he's actually a demon set to cause havoc on Earth. Regardless, he still has a mystical destiny to fulfil.

2 Ray Terrill

We've seen Ray Terrill on Earth X already, but there's going to be plenty of other versions of the character in the universe. On Earth X, he becomes the hero known as the Ray because of the dire circumstances he finds himself in.

On another Earth though, that same pressure may not be present, so, would he still become the hero we're familiar with in the Arrowverse? Chances are he'd be completely different in an alternative reality, although there's always hope that he steps up to the plate eventually.

1 Sara Lance

Sara Lance has had an interesting history in the DC universe. Events caused her to become Canary and White Canary, but, on a different Earth, she could become a far more villainous version of the character. While she's been a member of the Birds of Prey before, this team probably wouldn't exist if Lance wasn't the same.

There are quite a few villainous characters that Lance could be, instead, but Scream Queen comes to mind first. She's not a very well known character, but, with a similar white and grey colour palette and the ability to use a weaponized scream, on a different Earth this really could be White Canary's fate.

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