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Tom Welling reveals he would be open to playing a version of Batman in the Arrowverse. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character first debuted all the way back in 1939. Since then, he's been adapted for screens both big and small by a myriad of actors. The translations have ranged from knowingly campy to extremely gritty. On the big screen, he was most recently played by Ben Affleck. It was announced, however, that the character would be returned to his younger years and Robert Pattinson would take over as Batman. On the small screen, Bruce Wayne's formative years were explored by David Mazouz on Gotham.

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Welling is perhaps best known for bringing another well-known DC superhero to life on the small screen. For 10 seasons, the actor played Clark Kent (aka. Superman) on Smallville on the network that would ultimately become The CW. Exploring the characters younger years, fans never got to experience him becoming the outright Man of Steel until the series finale. For a time, fans hoped he might revisit the role on Supergirl in the same way John Wesley Shipp reprised his turn as Barry Allen/The Flash from the 1990s TV show. Welling ultimately turned down the opportunity. Some fans then turned their attention to him playing Lex Luthor. The roles eventually went to Tyler Hoechlin and Jon Cryer, respectively. Instead, Welling was last seen on episodes of Lucifer.

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Speaking on the latter's podcast, Inside Of You, Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, who played Smallville's Lex Luthor, reunited to discuss a whole range of topics. Among them, the two actors talked over the constant desire for such a crossover. Welling initially reveals he has signed on for six episodes of Arrow, only to reveal that he's joking. As well as expressing their love for Stephen Amell, Rosenbaum wondered whether Welling would jump at the chance to play Batman if the opportunity arose. "You'd do that in a second, right?" Rosenbaum asked. "Yeah, I do like Batman and I think there is some room to grow there. And, yeah, it would be different." Presumably, Welling meant different from Clark Kent, who is traditionally a much lighter character than Bruce Wayne.

One of the other subjects the actors broached was the news regarding their other former co-star, Allison Mack. A little over a year ago, the actress was arrested by the FBI and indicted on various charges. She pled guilty earlier this year. The actors ran through their understandable shocked reactions. More positively, they also reminisce over their time on Smallville

Whether or not Welling is ever offered the role of Batman will obviously remain to be seen. Equally, whether fans think he would be suitable for the role will be the subject of much debate. Whatever the case, there is no denying that he certainly has the physicality for the role. Both Rosenbaum and Welling discuss their ages in relation to such roles, but Affleck proved there is a certainly a market for an older, slightly more grizzled version of Bruce Wayne. At 42, Welling could fall neatly in between various depictions.

With the character set to debut on season 2 of Titans, however, it likely won't be for some time that the character is allowed to appear within the Arrowverse. There is hope, however. The recent Arrowverse crossover visited Gotham City. The move was designed to set up the solo Batwoman show. Should the series prove successful, and once Kate Kane is established in her own right, much like Kara on Supergirl, there is every chance that Bruce may one day appear. If so, there's definitely a chance that Welling could be wearing the cape and cowl.

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Source: Inside Of You

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