Theory: Arrowverse's Team Batman Was Defeated By A Classic Villain

Batman has vanished from the Arrowverse's Gotham - and a single detail in the latest Batwoman episode hints at who could have been responsible.

Batman Batwoman and Robin at SDCC 2019

Could the Arrowverse's Batman and his Bat-Family have been taken out by the crime boss Carmine Falcone? The Arrowverse's latest TV series, Batwoman, has seen Kate Kane return to her home city of Gotham - three years after Batman has vanished. Although both Kate Kane and Luke Fox are confident Bruce Wayne is still alive, not even the brief theft of his mother's pearl necklace prompted his return to Gotham.

But Batman isn't the only one who's disappeared from Gotham. The Arrowverse has confirmed the existence of both Oracle and at least one Robin, but they too seem to have abandoned Gotham. More recently, Batwoman revealed that one of Batman's key civilian allies, Lucius Fox, was murdered several years ago. Although Luke thought his father's killer had been imprisoned, the culprit was arrested and tried by a corrupt cabal who were framing innocent people. That raises the distinct possibility that Lucius Fox's murder wasn't just an isolated event, but rather is tied to the mysterious disappearance of the wider Bat-Family. Is it possible someone took out Batman and his allies?

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The latest episode of Batwoman may have dropped an important clue because it name-dropped a corrupt cop who's associated with the crime boss Carmine Falcone. It revealed Batwoman's GCPD is run by Commissioner Forbes, who in the comics took over after Falcone framed Commissioner Gordon for causing a disaster. It was one of Falcone's earliest moves, an attempt to remove Batman's friends from the playing field, and Forbes remained one of Falcone's most notable employees.

Carmine Falcone

Falcone is a classic Batman villain, ruler of the first criminal empire Batman had to overthrow when he began his career as a vigilante. He was forced to flee Gotham, with his face scarred by Catwoman's claws as if to add injury to insult, and he spent years preparing to return and reclaim the city.

Of course, in the comics Falcone's best efforts to bring down the Bat-Family weren't enough. He underestimated the resourcefulness of common police officers in the GCPD; one rookie cop worked with Batman to bring the Falcone crime empire down. But it's possible Batwoman takes place in a world where things went very differently, where the Batman was the one who fell. If that's the case, then Lucius Fox's murder points to the dark possibility that the Arrowverse's Batman died three years ago, and that Falcone faked Bruce Wayne's departure from Gotham in order to prevent a scandal that would have attracted too much attention.

If this theory is correct, though, it means Batwoman and Luke Fox are in terrible danger. The targeting of Lucius Fox suggests that their opponent knew that Wayne Industries was supporting Batman, in which case they'll easily deduce how Batwoman is getting her gear and equipment as well. Falcone could well be ruling from the shadows, watching as chaos bubbles to the surface in Gotham once again due to Alice, and biding his time before he takes this new Batwoman out.

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