Arrow: Star City Gets Hacked in 'We Fall' Trailer

- Spoilers for those not caught up on Arrow -

The trailer for next week's episode of Arrow, "We Fall", has been released. Last night was the midseason premiere of Arrow, aptly titled "Divided" due to Team Arrow being split in half. Five weeks have passed since Oliver learned that Rene was testifying against him and Dinah was seeing Vincent on the sly. And also since Dinah, Vincent, and Curtis all learned that Ollie, Dig, and Felicity had spied on them. While eventually the original three reached out to see if they can go back to being a team, the others informed them that they were making a team of their own.

Next week's episode title is a clear continuation of that story - "We Fall" - that deals with the ramifications of Team Arrow's split. As an earlier midseason trailer promised, Cayden James is going after the infrastructure of Star City. With nearly every aspect of human life being influenced by technology, controlling all the tech in a single city is devastating. Everything from banks to hospitals to the roads we travel on are controlled by machines, and it looks like those machines are going to be controlled by James.


In the trailer for "We Fall" that has been released by The CW, James puts his control to deadly use by turning hospital equipment, elevators, construction cranes, and even traffic lights and cars into weapons. Since there is so much technology at his disposal, predicting his next move is just about impossible, which Oliver is very aware of.

And of course, it is only a matter of time before things get personal. James causes a disaster in a tunnel full of vehicles - including a school bus carrying Oliver's son William. Not only is William in danger, but he might be about to learn that his father has been lying to him and acting as the Green Arrow once more. Whether James' goal is to harm William, or to damage the frail relationship between father and son is not clear. James says in the trailer, "This is for you, so that you'll suffer." If he is saying that to Ollie, both hurting William and revealing Oliver's broken promise would achieve those goals.

Oliver has come to realize already he cannot face James and his entire evil army alone. Rene, Dinah, and Curtis may be able to do some good, but Ollie cannot count on them since they are not on the same team. Diggle is back in the game now that Curtis has fixed his hand, and it sounds like Thea might be able to come back as Speedy one day - though she is nowhere near ready yet. Hopefully Oliver can mend fences with his former teammates, and convince old ally Roy Harper to stick around once he returns because James and his team are clearly a real and formidable danger to Star City. And the Green Arrow is going to need all the help he can get.


Arrow returns to The CW with "We Fall" on Thursday, January 25 at 9pm.

Source: The CW

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