Arrow: Vigilante Actor Thinks There’s Room to Explore the Character’s Past

Johann Urb as Vigilante in Arrow

Though the series has largely abandoned its use of flashbacks, one Arrow actor thinks it could be brought back to explore the backstory of Vincent Sobel/Vigilante. Though it made for a compelling dual storytelling device during the first two seasons of the show, Oliver’s post-Lian Yu history mostly fell out of favor with audiences once he began running around Hong Kong, fighting mystical mercenaries, and joining the Russian mob. But the recent prominence of Vigilante during the season 6 story line, might offer a chance for the writers’ room to step into the wayback machine and peer into the recent past of the gun-toting Vigilante.

The question of where Vincent has been will be in direct competition with the question of what’s next for the character, which was posed at the end of ‘We Fall’. It certainly seemed as though a role with the Team Arrow offshoot was on the table. And, should he join, the other members might be interested in knowing what their newest teammate has been up to since he was believed to have died.

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During a recent interview with Screen Rant, actor Johann Urb discussed the possibility of exploring Vigilante’s past. And while he isn’t certain whether the show has any plans to do so, he does think Arrow is uniquely suited to the task.

“There's certainly something that could be explored. I think that this show does flashbacks really well, too. We've seen the whole history of the Green Arrow and what happened to him and in that sense there's certainly a lot of room to explore where Vigilante has been, what has happened and what made him into the man he is today.”

However, Urb was quick to point out that a large part of Vigilante’s appeal has been the questions about his identity and where his allegiances lie. As such, he thinks “there's always going to be mystery to the character.” That adds another wrinkle to Vigilante's future, as it appears he’s joined forced with Dinah, Curtis, and Rene, after betraying Cayden James and his gang.

There have been more twists and turns surrounding Vigilante than almost any other character on Arrow, making his most recent shift all the more questionable. It certainly sounds as though the character is turning things around, becoming a team player, and perhaps putting his binary view of good and evil behind him. But considering his history, it will likely be a while before anyone can fully trust him. Perhaps taking a look into his past might help clear up those questions.

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Arrow continues Thursday with ‘All For Nothing’ @9pm on The CW.

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