Arrow: Vigilante is Motivated Primarily by His Feelings For Black Canary

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Arrow guest star Johann Urb believes that Vigilante’s motivations are completely tied up in his relationship with his former partner and love interest, Dinah Drake. The series revealed the masked gunman was really Victor Sobel earlier in season 6, but the character has only just recently come into his own, after demonstrating he was working undercover in Cayden James’ gang and coming to the aid of Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, and Black Canary in the most recent episode.

It was a turning point for the character who has been difficult for the audience to latch onto, partly because his identity was obscured for so long, and partly because he’s been at odds with Team Arrow since first arriving on the scene in Star City. But had Dinah Drake joined up with Oliver and his crew earlier, things might have gone differently for the crime fighters.

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In a new interview with Screen Rant, Johann Urb discussed what he thinks motivates Vigilante and what keeps him in check, and he says that the character’s feelings for and history with the new super-powered Black Canary are by far the biggest influence on Vincent Sobel.

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“I think the history that he has with the Green Arrow, and really the history that he has with Dinah, played a huge part in which way Vigilante is going and turning, because there's real love there and I think there has been kind of an awakening in him when [he] was unmasked. I think their love and memories have played a big part in the way things have been going in terms of [his] allegiances.”

To that end, Urb thinks that, there’s a strong chance Vigilante will be joining the “new Team Arrow”, saying, “Well, I think this next episode is very revealing in a lot of ways. You'll see where that goes.” But even with a potential membership on the table, the actor thinks that, without Dinah, Vincent probably wouldn’t be interested in lending anyone else a hand, especially not the Green Arrow. Urb said:

 “Vigilante hasn't really appreciated the Green Arrow's approach. We know that he's thought the Green Arrow has gotten soft and is not really doing what he's supposed to be doing, like he was in the beginning. I don't know that without Dinah we would have seen the Vigilante really jump on board with Team Arrow -- really the new Team Arrow.”

Vigilante and Black Canary’s relationship will likely become even more important as the season progresses and the question of whether or not Vincent can be trusted comes to the forefront. Though the character appears to have proven himself to Curtis and to Dinah, it will be a hard sell for the original Team Arrow, whose issues with trust have already cost them three teammates.

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