Will 'Arrow' Crossover With the DC 'Justice League' Movie Universe?

'Arrow' star Stephen Amell has posted a pic that has fans buzzing that he could be part of everything from a 'Justice League' movie to 'Batman vs. Superman.' Read on for our breakdown.

Green Arrow in Justice League

With so many beloved genre franchises being transformed into expansive multimedia universes, it's an exciting (and worrisome) time to be a fanboy or girl. While we recently gained some insight into the future direction of Marvel's Avengers universe, the bumpy road that DC Comics and Warner Bros. is traveling has been much harder to pin down.

On the DC movie side, there's Batman vs. Superman in the works - and little promise of anything else. On the TV side, Arrow is doing better than ever, and that show will try to spinoff a Flash TV series - and just this week it was announced that an Hourman TV show is also in the works. With the DCU alive and flourishing on the small screen, there's been little reason to wonder about potential crossovers with the movie side of things; however, that conversation is about to start, thanks to Arrow star Stephen Amell.

When it comes to comic book movies, fans need very little to run wild with - and it seems as though these days, a suggestive picture posted on social media is enough to get them riled up good. Vin Diesel has used the tactic to great effect, posting pics of Marvel heroes Vision and Groot on his Facebook page, thereby sparking fan excitement before it was officially announced that he would indeed be part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, apparently Arrow's Stephen Amell has been taking notes, because he posted the following image to his own Facebook Page:

Obviously this has sparked a great deal of speculation, which we can pretty much boil down to four prospective scenarios - each of which we'll examine:

  1. Amell's Green Arrow will be part of a Justice League movie
  2. Amell's Green Arrow will be part of Batman vs. Superman.
  3. Arrow the TV series will get its own version of the Justice League.
  4. Amell is just teasing us all.


1. Green Arrow in the Justice League Movie

Green Arrow in Justice League

What's funny about the image Amell shared is that both of the vintage comic book covers list the same lineup of characters - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter - and of course, Green Arrow. That's just a little too on-the-nose to be completely ignored as a tease - especially since the books specifically focus on Amell's character being inducted into the team. That COULD be a sign of things to come on the TV series (more on that later) - or it could be an indication of something much bigger. Amell previously stated on record that he wants to be in the Justice League movie; was that just wishful thinking, or a foreshadow of what's to come?

By now Amell is a certified fan-favorite, and those Justin Hartley cheerleaders have long since gone quiet. More to the point: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a grounded character who could play well in a Justice League movie, while effectively bridging DC's movie and TV universes in a way that's much more effective than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been (so far).


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