'Arrow' Showrunner: 'Outsiders War' Comic Story is Coming - Eventually

Arrow TV Show Outsiders War Comic

It was hard for any DC Comics fans to ignore that as The CW's venture into certified superpowers - The Flash - gained steam, the dark, dour world of Arrow was forced out of the spotlight. The criticism that the series was in need of a new direction, new energy, or new angle altogether was vindicated when the Season 3 finale saw Oliver Queen hang up the 'Arrow' persona altogether.

Star Stephen Amell confirmed what every fan knew - that Oliver would be pulled back into action before long - and a parade of new and returning DC Comics characters have been announced. But comic book readers know that one of the best "Green Arrow" stories in years would fit into the TV show's fiction surprisingly well. Fear not, fans: Arrow's showrunners are discussing the "Outsiders War," and confirm it will be adapted to the small screen - the only question is when.

To those Arrow fans who haven't kept up to date on Oliver Queen's comic book persona, it was Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino who gave DC's New 52 one of its most inspired twists. Dropping Oliver Queen into a centuries-old conflict between a number of Weapon Clans (Axe, Shield, Sword, Fist, Spear, and Mask), he was forced to realize that his trip to the desert island that shaped him into the Green Arrow - and the arrow skills that followed - was no accident.

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Chosen as the new leader of the Arrow clan, Ollie kicked off a battle between the united clans on either side of the conflict, with a previously-unknown child able to carry on the Queen legacy caught in the middle. Although Lemire's origin story for Oliver isn't identical to that of Arrow, fans of the TV show can see how the comic story (acclaimed by critics and readers) could be adapted into its existing fiction. Especially with new DC villains and allies set to join the show's universe (although Katana, the leader of the Sword clan... may not appear).

Understandably, the question was raised in the latest installment of DC All Access, with executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirming that the producers are all too aware of "The Outsider War" and its potential for Arrow:

"We've talked about it. We've absolutely talked about it. It comes up in the writers room all the time, and Katana was introduced. We're just waiting for the right story to tell. We never approach it from the standpoint of, 'We've gotta get that in, we've got to get that character in, we have to name-check that character.' It's always organic. We love the Weapon Clans, and eventually I'm sure they will end up on the show."

As perfect as the comic book arc may be for the series, delivering compelling mythology, retconning the entire series to this point, and giving Oliver a new purpose, fans shouldn't hold their breath. Yes, Stephen Amell's claim that the coming season will explore "magic and mysticism," but Guggenheim's confirmation that the story would "eventually" be adapted could be years down the line.

But that doesn't mean fans of the show shouldn't seek out the comic series just to be safe. Overlooking just how top-notch Lemire's entire run on the comic has been, it will clearly be an important story for the show... eventually.

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What do you think of the story's potential for the small screen? Is it the kind of magic and mysticism you think you could get behind, or would you prefer to see Arrow head in a different direction? Be sure to sound off in the comments, and we'll keep you up to date as more details on this, or any other comic story being adapted arrive.

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Arrow returns for Season 4 Wednesday, October 7th, at 8PM on The CW.

Source: DC Entertainment

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