Arrow: Dinah Wants Revenge in 'The Devil's Greatest Trick' Trailer


-Spoilers for those not caught up on Arrow-

Dinah is on a mission of vengeance in the trailer for next week's Arrow TV show episode, "The Devil's Greatest Trick". Things have not been slowing down in Star City over the last week. Oliver and Thea's payment of Cayden James' daily ransom is bankrupting the city. While Quinton Lance may be starting to get through to Earth-2 Laurel, The Black Siren is still taking deadly orders from James. Team Arrow also discovered some new information about James which may help them find a way to stop the madman, and the divide between Oliver and his former teammates solidified while one of their own was lost.

As previously suggested by the actor who plays him, some of Vigilante's backstory was explored this past week during "All for Nothing" in flashback, showing how Vincent and Dinah first met and going into some details about the undercover operation that they fell in love during and that ended with both of them as metahumans. However, if he is going to return again then it will probably only be in further flashbacks from Dinah's perspective, as even Vincent's healing ability was no match for a canary cry directly to his brain that killed him, right in front of Dinah.



Now The CW has released the trailer for next week's Arrow episode - titled "The Devil's Greatest Trick" - and it looks like the mission of vengeance that Dinah swore to Oliver is coming to fruition. Even though James is planning to set of his thermobaric bomb at midnight, Dinah is focused only on killing Black Siren to avenge Vincent, taking on the murderous attitude he had as Vigilante, and that Oliver once shared as The Hood.

During "All For Nothing" there was a moment, just one short moment, when Rene, Curtis, and even Dinah agreed to go into the field with The Green Arrow and Spartan once more, in order to find the bomb while saving the hostages and potentially stopping James. But when Dinah realized Vincent was captured and being tortured, she was willing to sacrifice the city to save her lover - and her teammates chose to stand with her in spite of Oliver's pleas. As such, Dinah and Vincent did not have enough backup to save them in time, and Oliver and Diggle didn't have the manpower to properly search for the bomb. Both teams failed in their mission, arguably due to their inability to work together. It looks like that division will continue to threaten Star City, as Dinah can't see beyond killing the people who took Vincent from her, even when innocent lives are on the line.


While future help is on the way courtesy of a returning Roy Harper and potentially from sometimes ally Nyssa al Ghul (who is also returning), it certainly looks like the divide between former teammates is taking its toll. Not to mention, Rene and Curtis might not be behind Dinah's revenge plans, and Lance and Thea almost certainly won't be since it involves killing Laurel. On top of all that, there's the new evidence of a bigger and badder enemy than Cayden James pulling his strings, by making it look like Ollie killed James' son. If Dinah's friends can't bring her back to the light and both teams of heroes can't find a way to work together, it's possible that Star City may finally be lost for good.


Arrow continues with "The Devil's Greatest Trick" on Thursday, February 8 at 9 pm.

Source: The CW

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