As the TV universe has grown, they have continued to drop Easter eggs of bigger-name characters from the comics. Supergirl did it in season one by teasing the presence of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, paying that off in season 2 by casting Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel. Now, it is Arrow‘s turn to tease a cornerstone of the DC mythos.

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The first clip from tomorrow’s new episode of Arrow picks up in the aftermath of an image surfacing of the Green Arrow (sans his hoodie) that reveals Oliver’s double life. In his press conference confronting these allegations, he uses the name of another billionaire with plenty to hide to make his case. With this quick mention, it is officially confirmed that Bruce Wayne is in the Arrowverse, somewhere.

Arrow Justice League Arrow Confirms a Major DC Character for the Arrowverse

This is a major name drop for Arrow to make in its sixth season. With the previous teases of Superman eventually paying off, this will undoubtedly kick start the conversation over whether or not Bruce Wayne and his superhero persona will make it to the Arrowverse in the near future. Superman’s usage has been low to keep the spotlight on Supergirl, but also since Warner Bros. has a big screen version of him to worry about. The studio has reportedly forced off several characters in the past (Deathstroke, Deadshot, etc.), so they may not want The CW bringing in another version of Batman to compete with Ben Affleck’s take, or even what is happening on Gotham.

That said, this is hardly the first time the Arrowverse has made allusions to Batman and his world. Supergirl has confirmed Gotham’s existence before and teased Superman’s pointy eared frenemy in the past. Legends of Tomorrow had Rip Hunter describe seeing “Dark Knights fall” before, and Arrow has stated Oracle is already taken and the existence of another billionaire vigilante. Not to mention, the future newspaper on The Flash showed a Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. merger in the future.

None of this definitively means that Bruce Wayne is going to join the Arrowverse in the immediate future, but they continue to lay the foundation for the possibility. If he is coming, evidence shows that his work is very well known, and even that Oliver knows he and Bruce have more in common than just their wealth. For now, however, only time will tell whether or not this is set up to an even bigger announcement or just another Easter Egg for viewers.

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Arrow season 6 continues with ‘Tribute’ this Thursday at 9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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