Epic 3-Minute 'Arrow' Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

A trailer for the upcoming episodes of 'Arrow' has been released, featuring the Suicide Squad, Deathstroke, and a possible Birds of Prey team-up.

Epic Trailer for Arrow Episode the Promise Featuring Deathstroke and Suicide Squad

Slade Wilson has come to Starling City for one thing and one thing only: revenge on Oliver Queen. The CW's Arrow has been building to a showdown between Oliver and Slade, a.k.a. Deathtstroke, ever since the series opener teased Deathstroke's mask with an arrow stuck through its eye. This season they mean to deliver.

Throughout season 2 we've come to know Slade Wilson (Spartacus' Manu Bennet) while watching him and Oliver bond, only to be later torn apart by jealousy, grief and super serum-induced insanity. The island flashbacks have yet to make it explicitly clear how their relationship ends, but since Oliver was under the impression he had killed Slade, it obviously wasn't a very peaceful parting.

Now that Oliver and Slade have been reunited, things are going to escalate quickly, something this impressive three-minute trailer (seen above) for tomorrow's night episode, 'The Promise,' makes abundantly clear. For even more evidence that Slade Wilson coming to Starling City is bad news for Oliver and all those he holds dear, check out a clip from the episode below.

As you can see from both the trailer and clip, the confrontation between Oliver and Slade won't simply involve the two of them. With an ever-growing inner circle, Oliver has more allies than ever, but each one of them could become a target. Even Caity Lotz's Sara Lance, arguably one of the toughest members of Team Arrow, looks positively terrified and that surely doesn't bode well for what's to come.

It will be interesting to see how Oliver and company plan to take on Slade. The trailer hints at a situation where the Arrow, Canary and Roy will all face off against him, and while Oliver and Sara are both exceptional fighters and Roy's now got super-strength, it's hard to believe Slade will go down easy. Even with the three of them it will undoubtedly be an almost impossible battle to win.

Epic Trailer for Arrow Episode the Promise Featuring Deathstroke and Suicide Squad

But Team Arrow won't be alone in facing off against Deathstroke the Terminator. The Suicide Squad, fully unveiled just recently, make their first appearance as a team in this trailer. Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and a few surprises have been recruited by Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to hunt down Deathstroke in what also appears to be something akin to a government crackdown on vigilantism.

In addition to the Suicide Squad, another staple of DC Comics and a returning face on Arrow, Jessica deGouw's Huntress, will also appear before this season is out. Her return is just one of the many surprises still in store for season 2, though we can assume she'll be appearing in the upcoming episode (number 17) titled 'Birds of Prey.' But will The Canary be her ally? Or her enemy?

With nine more episodes to go, Arrow season 2 is shaping up to quite the climactic season, already surpassing the first in intensity and stakes. What do you think will be outcome of Oliver's final showdown with Slade? And how will other interferences, like the Suicide Squad, affect it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW @8pm.

Source: Stephen Amell's Facebook Page

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