Arrow 'All for Nothing' Trailer: Star City May Implode

- Spoilers for those not caught up on Arrow -

The trailer for "All For Nothing", next week's episode of Arrow, has been released. Things are looking pretty grim in Star City. By the end of "We Fall," Cayden James was still in control of the city's infrastructure, leaving Oliver little choice but to pay his first ransom - despite his promise not to cave to terrorists and Star City not having the money to pay every day as James demands. James also still has the thermobaric bomb at his disposal - a fact that the rest of the city seems very aware of in the trailer.

Not that everything is looking that bleak. It turns out that Vigilante is actually a double agent, working to take James down from the inside. While Dinah has her doubts - considering how deep Vincent can go when undercover - she has decided to trust him, possibly romantically as well as in the field. Diggle has gotten enough use of his hand to go back in the field, though this time as Spartan rather than The Green Arrow. Both Team Arrow and the newly formed team of Mr. Terrific, Black Siren, and Wild Dog are trusting each other enough to share info and fight side by side. And while William was upset about his father's lies at first, he has come to accept that Star City needs Ollie to be The Green Arrow.


The CW has released the promo for the next episode of Arrow and it looks like James continues to hold all of Star City hostage. Some of his team of villains, including Anatoly and Black Siren, are rejoining the fun at this point. And due to an explosion, it might be the newly reunited Vincent and Dinah who are in the most danger.

At this point, James seems to be unstoppable. The only possible advantage Team Arrow might have over him is learning the truth about what happened to James' son. James believes that his son was killed by The Green Arrow missing his intended target and hitting his son instead, and therefore made sure his attack began on the one year anniversary of that event. If Felicity can learn and prove that James' son was not killed by Oliver, that might be the only way they can negotiate with the madman threatening their city. However, there is the risk that they could learn James is right, or close enough to the truth to give them no leverage over him.

It is hard to image an even bigger or worse threat coming from James at the end of the season with his current attack being so all encompassing. Though perhaps the upcoming return of Nyssa al Ghul, which promises to change the show massively, will lead to a truly epic season finally. If so, it is a good thing that Vigilante seems to actually be one of the good guys, that Dig is back in the field, and that Roy Harper's returning soon. Because if something even worse is on the horizon, Oliver Queen is going to need all the help he can get.


Arrow returns to The CW with "All For Nothing" on Thursday, February 1 at 9 pm.

Source: The CW

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