Arrowverse Cast Offer Details on 'Huge' Four-Episode Crossover Event

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends Crossover

Whether or not movie audiences are fully onboard for the DC Extended Universe as a feature film franchise, one thing is for certain: The Warner Bros.-owned superhero "multiverse" is running the table on broadcast television. The small screen comic book universe includes Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl winning over audiences and critics alike with colorful, action-heavy adventures playing out weekly on The CW, and fans are eagerly anticipating their first major crossover.

While the various Arrowverse shows have all crossed over several times in one way or another already, the big focus in terms of potential lasting change is the impending inclusion of The CW newcomer Supergirl to the mix. Originating on CBS in its first season, a one-off guest appearance by Grant Gustin's Flash established that Kara Zor-El's storyline takes place in an alternate universe -- a status-quo that has thus far been maintained despite all four series now sharing a network.

Asked at EW's PopFest about how her character will react when confronted by an entire universe of heroes she's meeting for the first time, Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist offered:

"I think Kara just wanted to be accepted and be like a part of the cool kids, and I felt the same way. It was so fun to be in this big group setting where everyone... It was like this infectious environment where we all.. It felt really cool. But she had good interactions with almost everyone there."

Flash Arrow Supergirl Crossover 2016 Season

The four-part event, which will run throughout a week's worth of new episodes for each series, will be titled 'Invasion' and involves the emergence of DC Comics villains The Dominators. As a major player in the first crossover event, Gant Gustin spoke to the sheer scope of 'Invasion,' especially as it compared to the previous Legends of Tomorrow episodes:

"It's just a lot bigger. Last year was Flash and Arrow and now... We have 17 characters in multiple scenes and almost everyone interacts with every other character, at a certain points. So, it's huge! Huge."

While plot details are being kept secret for now, producer Greg Berlanti was also onhand to tease the beginnings of how the major event will play out:

"They all have their own continuing storylines thoughout it, but it really does feel like in the middle of the whole season a 3-hour movie. It starts a little at the tail-end of Supergirl, because she's in a whole other universe, on a whole other planet, so having to go get her. And then it really begins on the night of The Flash. It's three parts and called 'Invasion.' The complex they talked about shooting in: We found an exterior shot that looks a lot like the Hall of Justice, so we like that."

Arrow continues next Wednesday with 'Human Target' @8pm on The CW. The Flash will air 'Monster' on Tuesday @8pm on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow has 'Abominations' lined up for Thursday @8pm, and Supergirl presents 'Survivors' on Monday @8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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