Arrow: Oliver Teams Up With Talia al Ghul in New Photos

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On Arrow, Oliver Queen has a long history with the League of Assassins. Their leader Ra's al Ghul stabbed Ollie with  a sword, nearly killing the vigilante. He then forced Ollie to marry his daughter Nyssa, in spite of Nyssa being gay, and take over as leader. Speaking of Nyssa, she's popped up in Ollie's life a number of times, due to her relationship with Sara Lance and her rivalry with Malcolm Merlyn. But throughout the years, fans have been asking about another member of the family: Talia al Ghul, Ra's daughter and Nyssa's sister.

Even people who do not read comic books know about Talia. She was a character in both Batman: The Animated Series  and The Dark Knight Rises. In both those adaptations she was portrayed as a villain, but as fans of Arrow know, the family is a lot more complicated than that. Sometimes they are foes, and other times allies.

Talia was seen in the final seconds of the flashbacks of the previous Arrow episode. She saved Ollie's life, so it already looks like she's not going to be an enemy. At least for now. And in a series of photos released from next week's episode, 'Second Chances', it certainly looks like she and Ollie are talking, trying to figure things out. Take a look at the images in the gallery below:

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According to what showrunner Wendy Mericle told ComicBookMovie, Talia is going to help Ollie in the long run:

"We have a pretty cool storyline that we’ve concocted, and I’m actually really excited about where it takes her. It’s basically tied to Oliver’s past in Russia and also in figuring out who Prometheus is. She will be a crucial part of that."

Whether it is because of the importance of what Ollie learns from Talia or because of the long wait before she arrived, her presence seems to be incredibly important. In most episodes of Arrow, the flashbacks to Ollie's time away are secondary to the main story. Often there are few to no pictures from the flashbacks in the released photos. This time, approximately a third of the pictures are of Talia.

Talia will not be the only brunette who Ollie meets in this episode. Much of the episode will be about his hunt for a new Black Canary. The woman he selects, Tina Boland, was first introduced last week as well as Talia, and it should be interesting to see how Ollie deals with these two different and strong women in both his past and his present.

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Arrow continues Wednesday with ‘Second Chances’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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