Stephen Amell Still Wants an Arrow/Supernatural Crossover

Arrow Stephen Amell and Supernatural

Arrow star Stephen Amell remains interested in the possibility of a crossover with Supernatural. Amell has been openly campaigning for the crossover to take place for quite some time now, but nothing has materialized from his efforts thus far, even though folks from the long-running series starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have also voiced their intent to make the idea come to fruition.

The pioneering DCTV series is a regular of The CW's annual superhero crossover special with  The FlashSupergirl and DC's Legends of TomorrowThis upcoming year, it will even feature Batwoman and Gotham City, fueling people's want of an Arrow/Supernatural crossover. With both shows returning for another TV season, it might not be too late for this to happen, and Amell is clever to hype up the possibility as early as now.

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On the heels of series-shaking season 6 finale of his show, Amell took to his official Twitter account to post a photo of him and Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles. The two's background gives the impression that they're in a casual setting, but the main takeaway in the post is the actor's caption: "It's the crossover we deserve" referring to the long-campaigned crossover between the two The CW series. Check out the tweet below:

Amell has been a proponent for possible crossovers for Arrow outside of the annual The CW special event. More recently, he talked about the same potential with Black Lightning despite the fact that the people behind the series have repeatedly said that the new show is set in a different universe than the Arrowverse. The case remains although the Cress Williams-starrer has referenced few things from the separate DC TV shared universe.

While almost all proposed crossovers will definitely excite fans, there's little to no reason why Arrow will need to do so with Supernatural (or even Black Lightning). Other than being a great PR material for both shows, it just doesn't make sense that the Winchester brothers somehow end up in Starling City without any purpose. Further, the two shows couldn't be any more different - Arrow is rooted in science and tech, as the team's powers are mostly man-made, Supernatural, on the other hand, hinges on magic and mysticism. Then again, perhaps the fact that they're so different from each other could make the clamored crossover extra special. If anything, the long-running series' recent Scooby-Doo special, which was initially a baffling idea, became one of its highest-rated episodes of the season.

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No confirmed release dates yet for Arrow season 6 and Supernatural season 14 but both are expected to debut later this year.

Source: Stephen Amell/Twitter

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