Arrowverse Heroes Suit Up For Midseason Premieres in New Trailer

Heroes from all pockets of The CW's Arrowverse suit up in preparation for the premiere of new episodes for the back half of their respective seasons. After the winter break, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be back on the airwaves this month.

It doesn't feel like it's been that long since we saw characters from all four The CW's DC TV series come together for their annual crossover event airing several weeks ago. This year, the team came together in the special titled "Crisis on Earth-X" where we saw them go head-to-head with the evil versions of themselves from an alternate reality. As the new year breaks, however, our main heroes are set to go back to their own localities to deal with their respective issues - but not with a fun new promo that will keep us hyped for their nearing comeback.

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Released by The CW, the clip shows the biggest Arrowverse heroes coming together in what looks like a locker room setting. Of course, Oliver leads the charge as he tells his team to suit up for what we presume is the upcoming return of their respective shows. As we can expect from these bumper videos from DCTV, the montage is full of fun moments among the heroes including Cisco cleaning Atom's face mask and Barry running late - but he's still able to be ready in a jiffy. You can check out the promo above.

Arrowverse Midseason Premieres

More than anything, the trailer is a fun reminder that most of the Arrowverse TV offerings are coming back to their regular programming sometime this month. It's safe to say that it's by no means connected in narrative to what happens in the separate series considering how jolly and cheeky all our heroes are in the clip. For example, the last time we saw Kara, she was still unconscious from her bout with big bad Reign. Although we can expect that the Girl of Steel will eventually be back on her feet, the Legion of Super-Heroes seems to be taking over the mantle as protectors of National City while she recuperates. Barry's situation is not looking up either. After The Thinker successfully framed him for murder, the newly married hero finds himself behind bars and from the looks of it, his only way out is to divulge the fact that he is leading a double life as the Fastest Man Alive.

While the new trailer perfectly hypes up fans for the return of their favorite DCTV shows, some are still frustrated about the scheduling, particularly with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Both series will take the Monday, 8-9 pm slot, alternating with each other. This forces Supergirl to take an eight-week break mid-season to give Legends enough time to air their remaining episodes. The switch comes from the arrival of a brand new superhero series in Black Lightning, and despite not directly connected to the Arrowverse as of yet, the offering is still going to be part of that primetime block.

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Supergirl season 3 continues on January 15 @8pm. The Flash season 4 continues on Tuesday, January 16 @8pm. Arrow season 6 continues on Thursday, January 18 @9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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