Extended Arrowverse Crossover Video Teases the Best Team-up Ever

Arrowverse crossover - Arrow, Flash, Atom and Supergirl

Ever since it was announced that Supergirl would be moving from CBS to its current home, The CW, fans have been hoping that the Girl of Steel would team up with heroes from The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow in a massive four-part crossover. It did not take long for the network to confirm plans for the team-up, which will be instigated by an invading alien race known as the Dominators. The crossover, aptly titled "Invasion!", is set to begin toward the end of this coming Monday's Supergirl, and will run through The Flash and Arrow (also celebrating its 100th episode), before concluding on Legends of Tomorrow.

In teasing the epic crossover, The CW has released several promos and images that highlight the initial interactions between Supergirl and members of Team Arrow, Team Flash, and the Legends. Recent TV spots have given us a glimpse of the alien race, while a unique "found-footage" promo leads us to believe that 2016 may not be the first time the Dominators attacked Earth. But given how short these promos have been, all we really know is that Felicity thinks this will be "the best team-up ever!"

Well, The CW has released a new extended trailer (above), which still features Felicity's excitement over the team-up, but also delivers a whole lot of action and more shots of the Dominators.

Invasion Crossover Arrow Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow

What is perhaps most interesting about this trailer is that it may give some insight into Arrow's 100th episode. We know from the episode's synopsis that Oliver will wake up in a world where his parents are both alive, he was never stranded on an island, and he is about to marry Laurel Lance. Of course, this all sounds too good to be true, and from the the above clip, it appears this idyllic reality may be because the Dominators have put Oliver into some sort of dream state. The story sounds very similar to the Batman: The Animated Series episode, 'Perchance to Dream,' where the Mad-Hatter creates a very similar dream world for Batman -- one where his parents are alive and he is to marry Selina Kyle.

On top of the possible Arrow 100th episode reveal, and over the top action sequences, the trailer also assures that there will be plenty of room for humor. Some of the best interactions may be between Supergirl and those most unlike her -- let's say, Mick Rory aka Heat Wave, who explains he got his name from burning his parents alive. Also, for those worried that Cisco and Felicity won't have a chance to geek out enough together, tech support has a place in the crossover as well. From the looks of things, this is shaping up to really be "the best team-up ever!"

The ‘Invasion!’ crossover event begins Monday, November 28 with Supergirl @8pm on The CW, and continues with The Flash at the same time on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

Source: The CW

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