Green Arrow & Supergirl Eat At Big Belly Burger

Superheroes eat at Big Belly for its super quality! The super season returns Monday, October 9 on The CW. #Supergirl

— Supergirl (@TheCWSupergirl) October 2, 2017

The CW has released a TV ad for Big Belly Burger that serves as a promo for the network's Arrowverse shows, particularly The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. Big Belly Burger itself is a fictional fast food chain that sprung from the world of DC Comics.

The fast food restaurant, Big Belly Burger has been name-dropped numerous times in the Arrowverse since it was first seen in "Lone Gunman", the third episode in the first season of Arrow. Located in Starling City, Big Belly Burger was visited frequently by members of Team Arrow. Diggle's sister-in-law, Carly, even worked at the restaurant. The Flash continued the trend by putting a Big Belly Burger in Central City, where Barry, Iris, Joe, and others have convened across all three seasons. It was confirmed by Harry in season 2 of The Flash that the fast-food chain also exists on Earth-Two.

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To promote the upcoming season premieres of the Arrowverse shows, The CW has released an ad for Big Belly Burger containing footage from previous seasons of The Flash and Arrow. The promo notes that Big Belly Burger has restaurants open in Central City and Star City, and is "coming soon to National City." National City is the home of Supergirl, who lives on Earth-38, a world separate from the majority of the Arrowverse.


The footage of The Flash and Arrow included in the ad features many memorable references to the fast-food chain. While listening to a catchy jingle, fans can see Felicity talking about being able to find a Big Belly Burger in any city, Team Arrow taking a break for fast food, and Harrison Wells deciding to get a Big Belly Burger. The ad serves as more of a light-hearted promo for the Arrowverse that relies more on jokes and laughs than action.

Big Belly Burger has had a presence in the DC Universe that long precedes the Arrowverse. The fast-food chain was introduced in Adventures of Superman #441 in 1988. Founded in Coast City (home of the Green Lantern), Big Belly Burger was a subsidiary of LexCorp that eventually opened restaurants all over the country. The company's mascot was a large, bearded man carrying a giant burger.

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Season 3 of Supergirl premieres Monday, October 9 on The CW. Season 4 of The Flash and season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow premiere Tuesday, October 10. Season 6 of Arrow premieres Thursday, October 11.

Source: The CW

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