'Arrow' Suicide Squad Image and Members Revealed

The CW has revealed an image of the Suicide Squad in 'Arrow.' Find out which members will be featured in the antihero team-up episode.

Arrow Suicide Squad Members Image

Despite initial concerns that a Green Arrow TV show could have trouble keeping viewers invested over multiple seasons, the CW proved naysayers wrong with their gritty and complex superhero drama, Arrow. Following Justin Hartley's slightly campy (albeit enjoyable) turn as Oliver Queen and Green Arrow on Smallville, CW's TV reboot of the tortured Starling City socialite has benefited from Stephen Amell's darker and more complicated portrayal (not to mention the actor's "salmon ladder" workout routine).

In addition to a capable (and ripped) leading man, the network show also made a smart choice in incorporating side characters from DC Comics history - which both keep fans interested and helps to build a more expansive series mythology. Viewers have already been treated to villains Count Vertigo and Merlyn, noticeable name drops such as Ra's al Ghul - not to mention a Flash tie-in series that will expand on Arrow's grounded approach with a full-on super-powered protagonist. Now, we're getting our first look at another key nod to the character's past, one that happens to provide a major story point going forward: the Suicide Squad.

Comic Book Resources has our first look at Arrow's version of antihero team, the Suicide Squad - who, in most iterations, is a group of former (and current) villains that work dangerous black-ops missions for the US government in exchange for shorter prison sentences. A backstory that, no doubt, should also fit the team assembled in Arrow.

Check out the image below to see which characters will be included and read-on for details on how (and why) the Suicide Squad is formed on Arrow (click to enlarge):

If you're unfamiliar with the Suicide Squad and haven't been paying close attention to the bad guys on Arrow, it appears as though CW's version of the antihero team is pretty close to what longtime fans would expect - given that all of the characters picture above have been members at one point: Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), and Deadshot (Michael Rowe).

With former alums like the Clock King (Robert Knepper) set to appear on the show in the coming weeks, who else might be joining the Suicide Squad?

NOTE: The rest of this post will contain MILD story SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of Arrow - so if you do not want to know anything about what's to come, turn away now. You have been WARNED!


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