Arrow's Stephen Amell & Supernatural's Jared Padalecki Joke About Job Loss

Arrow star Stephen Amell jokes with Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki about how they'll soon be out of a job. After many years on the air, both shows are returning next fall for what will be their final seasons.

Padalecki has been playing opposite Jensen Ackles in Supernatural since 2005, with the show hitting the 300 episode mark during its currently airing 14th season. Creator Eric Kripke stepped down after his five-year narrative had unfolded, but the series has continued long past what he initially planned. For years, fans have dreaded the news that the Winchesters would no longer be “saving people” and “hunting things”, but it was recently revealed that Supernatural’s upcoming 15th year will be its last. This news broke not too long after viewers discovered that Arrow will also be going into its final season next year. The show, which stars Amell as titular hero Oliver Queen, began airing in 2012, effectively launching what's now known as the Arrowverse. Not only will season 8 be the last time that Amell suites up as Green Arrow, but it'll also only be a 10-episode season.

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Amell posted a photo on Instagram with his real-life pal Padalecki, stating, “The 1st meeting of the Actors who are soon to be unemployed support group went great.” The actors are seen smiling and toasting the end of their respective shows.

It’s important to note that just because these shows are coming to an end doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve seen the last of Oliver Queen or Sam and Dean. Arrow is the only one of the CW’s superhero series that's ending its run next year, and with so many others still on the network, it seems possible that Ollie could always suit up again - unless, of course, he doesn’t survive season 8. As for the Winchester Brothers, the CW has tried multiple times to create a spinoff of their series. No luck so far, but if that ever actually comes to fruition, Sam and Dean could always make a cameo.

What's more likely than anything though, is that it's time for these guys to take a break. Supernatural’s reduced episode count this season was due to Padalecki and Ackles wanting to spend more time with their families, so it makes sense that the Winchesters’ days are now numbered. With Amell playing Ollie for the better part of a decade and Padalecki portraying Sam for well over one, they’re both likely sad to say goodbye to these characters, but ready to move on. It’s obvious that both of these actors have tremendous love for both their fans and for the characters that they've spent so much time bringing to life. They’re obviously in good spirits in this photo, but it can't be too easy to let go of something that has been such a huge part of one’s life for so long. Fans of Supernatural and Arrow are going to have a difficult time letting go as well.

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Source: Stephen Amell/Instagram

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