Arrow’s Stephen Amell Crushes Celebrity Ninja Warrior Course

Stephen Amell's performance on American Ninja Warrior is nothing short of heroic. The actor is pretty skilled at making things happen. When a stunt is called for on Arrow, odds are good that Amell will perform it himself, rather than depend on a stunt double. When he wanted to wrestle on Raw, he campaigned until he was given a story -- a rivalry with wrestler Stardust -- that culminated in a tag team fight. And after a similar campaign to compete on American Ninja Warrior he was invited to do just that -- in a celebrity episode on Red Nose Day.

A number of celebrities participated in the special episode, raising money for children. Each one was given a chance to run a six-obstacle course. For each obstacle completed, $5,000 would be donated to charity. Amell is an active philanthropist who has used his fame and social media skills to raise money for a number of charities over the years.

And he crushed it. NBC has released a video showing that Amell not only cleared all six obstacles, but actually moved on and did a seventh -- as a bit of a gift to his fans. Just like Oliver Queen has done so many times before on Arrow, Amell climbed the salmon ladder.

An earlier video showed that Amell perfectly got through the first three events -- including the incredibly difficult Flywheels. With coach Kacy Catanzaro -- the first woman to qualify for the finals on American Ninja Warrior -- by his side and plenty of support from the fans, Amell tore through the course as though he had been training all his life for just this chance.

Hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila made it very clear how impressed they were throughout the course. After Amell sailed over the Block Run, Iseman commented that Amell looked like his buddy The Flash. And after Amell completed the Battering Ram, Gbaja-Biamila called for the actor's attention and mimed shooting him with a bow and arrow. Amell playfully acted like he was hit before moving on to the last event in the course -- the Warped Wall. Practically flying up the wall, Amell blew a kiss to Catanzaro before hitting the red button -- signaling the end of his course.

But that's when Amell decided to take things a step further. After confirming with the hosts that $5,000 would be donated for every event completed, he said he wanted to do one more. While the audience screamed their support, Amell headed straight for the Salmon Ladder. While some probably wanted to see him complete the obstacle shirtless like he usually does on Arrow, it should be noted that Amell was rocking a tee-shirt which advertised Nocking Point -- a wine company he co-owns. And with or without a shirt, Amell nailed the Salmon Ladder, making it to the top in under 20 seconds. From there, he moved on to the Swinging Pegboard -- a totally new event. But that was the end for him. Amell hung on to the Pegboard long enough to thank the audience before dropping into the water below.

Amell's incredible course run on American Ninja Warrior guaranteed a $35,000 charitable donation. Proving that he doesn't just play a hero on TV -- he's also one in real life.

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Source: NBC

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