Arrow's Speedy is Back in Action in 'Doppelgänger' Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Arrow.

The trailer for "Doppelgänger" - the upcoming episode of Arrow - has been released. Things just keep getting worse for Oliver Queen lately. He may have put a stop to Cayden James, but he's further alienated his former teammates, seriously wounded Rene, and bankrupted the city. Not to mention, he's still got to face his indictment. And that's just what he knows about; he's still unaware that Earth-2 Laurel is starting to pose as her Earth-1 counterpart. Or that Diaz is the person behind the murders of both James and his son, or what the man has planned next.

But it looks like Oliver is going to be finding out some of those details about Diaz very soon - in the next episode in fact - titled "Doppelgänger". This is the episode which has promised the long awaited return of Roy Harper, who comes back to Star City in some pretty big trouble. Earlier photos from the episode show Roy at the mercy of some thugs dressed as cops. Those photos also revealed a bit of a surprise - the return of Speedy.


Now the trailer for "Doppelganger has been released by The CW and it reveals a few more details. The first is that Diaz looks like the person behind Roy's abduction, as he's trying to figure out who to "bring the pain" to in order to get to Oliver. The other thing is that Thea's return to being Speedy just might backfire horribly in the episode.

Roy and Thea may have broken up awhile ago, but their history is intense to say the least. Originally he was just the thug who mugged her, but over time they grew closer and eventually started dating. Things were not always clear or easy for them, especially after Roy became The Arrow's sidekick Arsenal and was drugged with mirakuru. Thea leaving the country with Malcolm Merlyn didn't much help their relationship either. But after Roy left Star City in order to protect Oliver, he encouraged Thea to take his place on the team, and she modified his old costume into one that fit her and adopted Ollie's childhood nickname as her alter ego - Speedy.

Ever since Thea realized that being a vigilante hero was not the life she wanted, it's taken pretty extreme circumstances - like the chance to fight aliens - to get her willingly back in the field. Protecting and saving the people she truly loves - like Roy - is clearly one of the few ways to get her to suit up again. Diaz may have orchestrated Roy's kidnapping and torture to get under Ollie's skin. But clearly, he never accounted for The Green Arrow's little sister.


Arrow continues Thursday, March 8 with "Doppelgänger" at 9 pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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