Arrow 'The Sin-Eater' Trailer: Oliver is Under Arrest


After two seasons of mucking about in the doldrums, Arrow has finally returned to the top of its game. With a fresh batch of characters and a renewed perspective, Oliver and company are back in their element as the protectors of Star City. Part of that renewed vigor has come thanks to the new Team Arrow, which has allowed Oliver to stop focusing on his past mistakes and start looking towards the good he can do in the future. Despite Prometheus trying to drag him down, the Green Arrow is stronger than ever.

That increase in faith and comfort has allowed the show to shine, as it has tackled some of its most ambitions episodes yet. From the greatest hits of Oliver's life during an alien invasion, to this week's rumination on gun violenceArrow is firing on all cylinders. And though we're still waiting for a female big bad in the Arrowverse, Arrow keeps turning out women who are as evil as they are threatening. We know Artemis will be returning soon to explain her connection to Prometheus, but in the meantime, Oliver's got another archer to worry about.

The CW just posted the trailer for next week's "The Sin-Eater," which not only ends with Oliver being pegged for the murder of Detective Malone, but sees some old faces from his past come back to haunt him. The archer in question is Cupid, the woman so obsessed with Oliver, she became a bow-wielding vigilante. After a stint in the Suicide Squad and a sham marriage, she's busted out of Iron Heights again. This time, however, she's got a team.

She'll be joined by Liza Warner, a character named Lady Cop in the comics but thankfully not on the show. We haven't seen her since her unit went rogue last season. Even more interesting is the return of China White, who was last seen in Season 3 after being one of Oliver's longest-running foes. She's one of many Arrowverse characters we've been hoping to see more of, so we're glad our wishful thinking has paid off.


It's always fun watching rogues team up, and it's even more exciting to realize how many excellent female foes the Green Arrow has. Perhaps a future episode will see Cupid and Artemis join forces as well, and maybe give the Huntress a reason to return. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying Arrow's resurgence and wondering how Oliver will escape this latest brush with the law.

Arrow returns next Wednesday with ‘The Sin-Eater’ @ 8 p.m. on The CW.

Source: The CW

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