Arrow Showrunner Wants to Address Black Lives Matter in Season 6

Arrow may be getting political once again in an upcoming episode of season 6. After a divisive topical episode in season 5, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim wants to tackle the Black Lives Matter movement in season 6.

'Spectre of the Gun', was new territory for Arrow as the show explored the polarizing issue of gun control. A shooting at City Hall forced Oliver (Stephen Amell) to deal with calls for gun control, making the character realize that he's being faced with a problem that can only be fixed by Mayor Queen -- not the Green Arrow. The sub-plot of the episode featured flashbacks for Rene (Rene Gonzalez) that showed viewers his wife's murder at the hands of an armed intruder. Rene believed that he could have saved her if he had his gun.

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In an interview with Collider, Guggenheim talks about the introduction of "topical" episodes in season 5, and how they relate to his plans for season 6. He reveals plans to do more, and teased that next season's topical episode might cover the Black Lives Matter movement that organizes protests against police brutality.

Arrow Gun Control Debate Episode

If fans wonder what approach Arrow will take in regard to the issue, 'Spectre of the Gun' could provide clues. The show's first politically themed episode had Team Arrow members Rene and Curtis (Echo Kellum) clash over the issue with Rene opposing gun control and Curtis in support of it. The show's ending didn't try to prove either character right, instead opting to provide a bipartisan solution that left both characters pleased. Arrow could repeat this tactic in season 6 by continuing to present viewpoint from both sides. It could be seen as an effective way to avoid offending half of the show's fan base. It's unclear if the episode will directly feature Black Lives Matter or if it will create a new group that will simply be based on the movement.

Fans will have to wait and see if the next political episode will show Oliver taking a side. In 'Specter of the Gun', Oliver appeared hesitant to address his own views. The episode instead allowed Curtis and Rene to provide the bulk of the political commentary. In contrast, the comic book version of Oliver Queen is portrayed as a liberal activist. Stephen Amell, who plays the character, recently stated that he would like to see the character become "slightly liberal" and "socially conscious" to more closely resemble his comic book counterpart.

Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Source: Collider

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