The images - tweeted by PUNKD Images - show a woman armed with dual blades in a black tactical suit with orange accents, highlighted by her half-black, half-orange face mask. Remind you of anyone?

In the comics, the most recent incarnation of Ravager is Deathstroke's daughter, Rose Wilson, but she isn't a character that's been introduced on Arrow. Taking a closer look at these leaked images reveals it's someone else - someone more familiar to Arrow's audience - under that mask.

Check out one of the tweets below:

-SPOILER- 1st Look at #Arrow's new costumed villain.. Summer "Isabel" Glau as #NewEarth @SpoilerTV #YVRShoots @olv

— PUNKD Images (@PUNKD_Images) April 3, 2014

You can see the other one here.

If you can't tell from the picture, the actress in that Ravager-esque costume is Summer Glau. Fans of the show will know she currently plays Isabel Rochev on Arrow, new C.E.O. of Queen Consolidated thanks to Oliver foolishly signing over control to her. Apparently, she too hides a dual identity and has a flair for the theatrical.

In last night's episode, Isabel showed her hand: she's been working with Slade all along to take control of the company and has a personal vendetta against Oliver's father. She also made it pretty apparent that she's a skilled fighter in her own right when she and Oliver momentarily sparred in the boardroom.

Summer Glau returns in Arrow Season 2 Episode 18

The twist of Isabel Rochev being Ravager is another in a long line of Arrow's clever spins on already established DC Comics canon. Is she actually Slade Wilson's daughter? Doubtful, considering she doesn't appear to be much younger than Slade. Then again, while in Russia during an earlier episode, she did reveal to Oliver she's adopted, so who knows? The chances of her being related to Slade, whether as his daughter or not, can't be entirely ruled out.

In the comics, Isabel Rochev was a former flame of Oliver's father, Robert Queen. She's quite eccentric, believing herself to have been Robert's "one true love" and therefore the rightful heir to his company. Taking into account that the Isabel of Arrow has some connection to Oliver's father, is it possible she had an affair with Robert in the past? Maybe - though their age difference makes us think the answer is no, Robert was unfaithful and therefore we can't rule out this possibility, either.

Whether she's Slade's or Robert's lover, Glau's Ravager makes for another intriguing addition to the Arrow's rogue's gallery (and Ollie's list of former lovers turned enemies). Are you excited to see Glau step into another action-heavy role? And in what episode to expect she'll make her first appearance as Ravager? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Arrow continues Wednesday, April 16th with ‘The Man Under the Hood’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: PUNKD Images

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