'Arrow' Set Photos Reveal New Villain & Plot Details [SPOILERS]

Arrow Set Images Reveal Ravager

When Slade Wilson promised revenge on Oliver Queen, it was not a threat made halfheartedly. Slade is determined to destroy Ollie, obsessively so, and there's no further evidence needed than last night's game-changing episode, the aptly titled "Deathstroke."

With only five episodes left to go in Arrow season 2, it was revealed that Slade has been manipulating Oliver for longer than we've been aware. He has grand designs for Oliver and the city he protects, and last night Slade only added to his arsenal by recruiting escaped convicts as the next test subjects for his newest batch of Mirakuru serum.

But an army of super thugs won't be his only ally against Oliver and Team Arrow. Recently snapped set photos reveal an all-new villain (sort of) joining in on the action before the season is out. There are definitely SPOILERS involved here, so don't click the link below if you don't want to be spoiled.


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