Arrow’s Thea Queen Actress Willa Holland Returning For Season 8

Willa Holland, actress of Thea Queen, will be returning for Arrow season 8. Premiering next month, Arrow's final season serves as the big swan song for the long-running show, and ties directly into the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

News on Arrow's last season have been coming left and right. Two months ago, it was confirmed that Oliver Queen will be getting a new costume, as well as Black Canary. On the character side, the show is going all-out for its final outing. Last month, John Barrowman confirmed he will be reprising his role as the Dark Archer/Malcolm Merlyn. Josh Segarra is set to return as Adrian Chase, and just last week it was reported that The CW would be bringing back Yao Fei Gulong, Oliver's mentor from the first season. Fans who have been watching the show since 2012 appear to be in for a treat. Now, another fan-favorite character is confirmed to appear.

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Longtime Arrow actress Willa Holland, who has portrayed Oliver's sister Thea Queen, is set to return (via TVLine) for Arrow season 8. Not only that, but the role will be a recurring one, not just a guest-star for an episode or two. Showrunner Beth Schwartz says the team is "thrilled" to have the actress back for the final season.

Arrow - Thea Queen (Willa Holland)

It can be argued that Thea went through some of the most in-depth character development in the show. Back in season 1, Thea was portrayed as a spoiled individual who had a run-in with the drug known as Vertigo. However, the character would not stay down. She eventually matured and joined Team Arrow as the red-suited Speedy. The actress left the show in the sixth season, much to fans' disappointment. But, it looks like she will be given one last satisfying role before the show concludes.

With so many characters appearing in some form this upcoming season, many fans are likely wondering how the 10 episodes will juggle everything. Arrow has seen many ups and some downs in ratings, but it has remained perhaps the strongest of The CW shows in terms of storytelling. Everyone involved in the final season knows it will be the end of an era when the last episode airs. Thus, fans should expect a captivating conclusion that effectively balances all the character arcs up until this point. Time will tell, but Arrow's legacy as one of the most popular superhero shows on television will remain, and it's thanks to characters like Oliver, Laurel, and of course Thea.

Arrow season 8 premieres October 15 on The CW.

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Source: TVLine

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