Arrow's Very Final Scene is Extremely Difficult To Shoot

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the final scene of Arrow is going to be difficult to shoot due to "logistical hurdles".

The final scene of Arrow is going to be a difficult one to shoot. The highly praised CW series, which is one of television's most popular superhero shows at the moment, is about to enter its eighth and final season. Recently, the cast also completed filming of the season's premiere episode.

Many fans are still reeling from the fact that Arrow is coming to a close in its next season. All shows with serialized storytelling come to an end, but it still comes as quite the shock when the news arrives. While season 8 is somewhat of a mystery, there have been some key announcements. First of all, Oliver Queen will be donning a new suit. Second, both Katherine McNamara and Joseph David-Jones were promoted to series regulars, indicating that the season will continue with the flash-forwards seen in season 7. Katana actress Rila Fukushima is also returning, which will be her first appearance on the show since season 4. On top of all of this, Arrow season 8 will in fact take place on Earth-1, and it will be a part of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Clearly, fans have a lot to look forward to for Arrow's swan song, and it sounds like the possible final scene could leave an impact.

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During the Television Critics Association summer press tour (via TVLine), Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that he came up with a new ending scene for the show. Interestingly, this new ending comes with challenges that will make it hard to shoot.

"There are a lot of logistical hurdles that have to be crossed in order to shoot that scene. It’s not like we can just film it tomorrow."

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow

In addition, Guggenheim stated episode 9 is not related to Crisis on Infinite Earths. He also confirmed that episode 10 will serve as a "proper series finale." If worse comes to worst and the new ending scene can't be filmed, the executive producer said on his Twitter that he will release the script pages for it the night of the series finale.

It is interesting that Guggenheim describes the problems with filming the new ending scene as "logistical." It's hard to say what this could mean, but perhaps it's gathering as many of the cast members as possible from the show's eight-year run. Or, perhaps it's a very specific kind of special effects scene. Either way, the hope is that Arrow will end in a satisfying manner. A show's finale will always be one of the top things remembered. For example, no viewer has forgotten the finale scene of Smallville or Justice League Unlimited. Arrow has been running for quite some time now and has inspired a number of superheroes on television. Hopefully, the final scene will leave viewers with a sense of closure, and optimism.

Arrow season 8 will premiere October 15, on The CW.

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Source: TVLine, Marc Guggenheim

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