Stephen Amell is Taking A Beating Filming Arrow Season 7

Green Arrow is Stephen Amell

Taking a break from filming Arrow season 7, Stephen Amell took a moment to share how much pain he's enduring for the show. Even for a series known for its stunts and its star's penchant for performing them himself (along with plenty of reps on the salmon ladder) this new season seems to really be putting Amell through the ringer.

Arrow wrapped last season with a finale that ushered in major changes to the status quo. After six seasons and several close calls, the law finally caught up with Amell's Oliver Queen, the mayor of Star City and the local hero known as Green Arrow. A season-long war with gangster Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) led to the breakup of Oliver's team, severe strain on his relationship with his son William (Jack Moore), and the death of his friend Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Finally, Oliver had to give up his identity and face imprisonment for his vigilantism in order to save his friends from a similar fate.

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Taking to Twitter, Amell shared a short video describing his current predicament. With his bearded face showing plenty of bruises and scrapes (though it's unclear if those are genuine or make-up), he describes the first few episodes of the season as more "physically taxing days" than other full seasons. He also describes the experience as "getting the s*** kicked out of me" on a daily basis. Based on the actor's demeanor and tone, he's not kidding.

After last year's developments, Arrow season 7 looks to pick up with Oliver enduring a possibly lengthy incarceration at the Slab, a prison specially designed for metahuman criminals. Considering that the Green Arrow has spent several years filling that prison with any number of powerful and sinister criminals, he's not likely to find much of a warm welcome. Whether those prisoners account for the beating that Amell's been taking isn't known, but they do seem the most likely candidates.

If this sounds familiar, it may be due to a long-since-abandoned film script by Krypton showrunner David S. Goyer that would follow Green Arrow's attempts to escape from a supermax prison. While DC has moved on with its cinematic universe since those days, it looks like the Arrow writers this season will be treading similar ground. This will provide audiences with a chance to see what the Green Arrow is made of without his friends, his gear, or even a decent bow.

Of course, Oliver can't stay locked up forever, especially with Diaz returning to menace Star City, aided by a group of assassins called the Longbow Hunters. Meanwhile, Amell himself is scheduled to compete in a professional wrestling match next month.  With all of that on his plate, it doesn't look like Oliver Queen or Stephen Amell will be getting much rest any time soon.

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