Arrow: 9 Big Questions We Have After The Season 7 Premiere

Arrow's season 7 premiere had Oliver Queen in prison, a new Green Arrow, and left a lot of questions. Of all the shows making up the Arrowverse, it would be fair to say that Arrow made the most drastic changes to its status quo last year. The sixth season finale saw Oliver Queen exposing his secret identity as the vigilante Green Arrow to the world and pleading guilty to numerous federal charges after a year-long FBI investigation. He did this as part of a plea deal to buy immunity from prosecution under Star City's new anti-vigilante laws for the rest of Team Arrow and to secure the FBI's help in going after Ricardo Diaz - a crime boss who had already blackmailed his way into taking control of Star City's police department, District Attorney's office, and most of its city council.

The victory was a half-hearted one, even ignoring the sacrifices Oliver Queen had to make to bring it about. While Diaz's network was shut down and the corrupt officials working for him were arrested, Diaz himself was able to evade capture. Unfortunately, before he lost his wealth and power, Diaz was able to secure the employment of The Longbow Hunters - a legendary team of assassins, who will join with Diaz to destroy everything Oliver Queen has left to lose.

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Five months later, Arrow's season 7 premiere shows how Oliver has started a new life for himself in prison and how the rest of Team Arrow and Star City are coping in the wake of last year's explosive season finale. Yet still we have numerous questions about what has happened in the past five months. And where do we go from here?

9. When And How Will Oliver Get Out Of The Slab?

It's only a matter of time before Oliver Queen gets out of prison. Though Stephen Amell shot-down a rumor that Oliver Queen would be out of prison after three episodes of Arrow season 7, we logically know that he has to be free in time for the Elseworlds crossover event with Supergirl and The Flash. This begs the question - will Team Arrow arrange a prison break to get their leader out, despite his wishes to honor his bargain with the FBI?  Or will Ollie's plan to earn time-off with good behavior work better than expected, earning him a full pardon from a sympathetic politician who likes Green Arrow's style and doesn't want to see him in prison?

8. How Did Black Siren Become The New DA of Star City?

Arrow Season 7 Black Siren Katie Cassidy Pretending To Be Laurel Lance District Attorney

Black Siren is still continuing to pretend to be the Laurel Lance of Earth 1 in the Arrow season 7 premiere and that extended bluff has now led to her becoming the District Attorney of Star City. There's quite a lot wrong with this scenario, even ignoring that - logically - she should be the last person allowed into a position of power in the new Star City. Given how anti-vigilante the city government is in the wake of Oliver Queen being exposed as Green Arrow, why would they appoint a former associate of Queen's who is also a known vigilante (the real Laurel Lance was revealed as Black Canary after her death in Season 4) to an important position like District Attorney?

Apart from that, there is also the question of how Black Siren can possibly impersonate a lawyer. Quentin Lance's gift of his daughter's old textbooks back in Season 6, while a nice gesture, is nowhere near enough to start a comprehensive crash-course in earning a law degree, much less running the District Attorney's office of a large city. It doesn't help matters that Laurel was trained in family law rather than criminal law and she had very little experience as a prosecutor before her death.

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7. What Is Brick's Side-Hustle?

Arrow Season 7 Stephen Amell Oliver Queen Vinnie Jones Danny Brickwell Brick

It is revealed that Danny "Brick" Brickman, Ben "Bronze Tiger" Turner and Derek Sampson had formed some sort of alliance after being imprisoned together and had a three-man "side-hustle." With Turner thrown into solitary confinement after his failed attempt to stab Oliver Queen to death in the cafeteria, this left them one man down. Brick tried to recruit Oliver, but the former Green Arrow was decidedly uninterested in doing anything that might get him into trouble. This begs the question - just what is this side-hustle?

6. How Did Diaz Escape from ARGUS After Attacking Felicity?

Arrow Season 7 Ricardo Diaz Kirk Acevedo

From the Arrow season 7 premiere, it's unclear just how Diaz managed to escape being captured by ARGUS after he attacks Felicity in the ARGUS safe-house where she is living with William.  When we last see Diaz in the episode, he is standing over Felicity with a knife and promising to make her suffer. When we next see Felicity, she is visiting Oliver in prison and telling him that she'd be dead if ARGUS hadn't gotten there when they did. The entire fight scene and Diaz's apparent escape all take place off-camera, proving Joel Hodgson's old truism that "anything can happen during the cut-away."

The obvious answer is Diaz still has someone at ARGUS, The FBI or some other source feeding him information. There were fan theories during season 6 that Samandra Watson - the FBI Agent with a mad-on for Oliver Queen - may have been in Diaz's employ.  Given that she's apparently made no progress in finding Diaz after five months of hunting for him, it's entirely possible this theory may be proven true. Or is the culprit a certain seemingly reformed lawyer?

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