Arrow: 9 Biggest Questions Left By The Season 7 Midseason Finale

Arrow season 7's midseason finale - episode 8, "Unmasked" - proved to have far more surprises than expected in store, given most of the season's major storylines seemed to be settled with Ricardo Diaz's imprisonment in "The Slabside Redemption." Perhaps the biggest shocks came in the episode's first and last scenes, which respectively revealed the identity of the new Green Arrow as Oliver Queen's half-sister!

"Unmasked" also introduced a second new Green Arrow - one whom was seemingly assassinating philanthropists who were working to improve things for the people of The Glades. This led to an odd situation where Oliver Queen was recruited by Captain Dinah Drake to clear the name of the Green Arrow who had replaced him, despite the objections of Star City's new mayor. By the end of Arrow's midseason finale, Oliver had been hired on to aid the Star City Police Department in some official capacity, but his life is still in upheaval despite having found a way to legally save his city. Oliver's relationship with his wife, Felicity, is on the rocks in the face of the changes Felicity has undergone in his absence and now John Diggle is working with Ricardo Diaz behind their backs to track the source of a mysterious and sinister financial organization.

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Little progress was made in the investigation into Felicity Smoak's death in the future of Star City 2038. Our heroes made contact with the woman known as Blackstar, who claimed that her dealings with Felicity were limited to selling her bomb parts. This was later determined to be a lie, but left William with no further avenues for information apart from Zoe's father, the former Wild Dog, Rene Ramirez, who is implied to have changed heavily over the last 20 years.

While the episode of Arrow lacked an original tie-in to the upcoming Elseworlds' event, instead showing the same one that concluded the mid-season finale of Supergirl, it still gave Arrow-heads a lot to ponder. Here are nine of the big questions fans are asking after the midseason finale.

9. Who Is The New Green Arrow?

Arrow Emikio Queen New Green Arrow

There wasn't much of the new Green Arrow in "Unmasked", but Arrow did finally confirm her identity. The opening scene shows a young woman working out and watching the news, only to change into a Green Arrow costume. The final scene of the episode shows the same woman talking to a tombstone and addressing her father, with the camera panning around to reveal the tombstone is that of Robert Queen, Oliver Queen's father.

Though the woman is not named in the episode, it is believed that she will eventually be revealed as Emiko Queen - a character from the comics who is Oliver Queen's half-sister, who eventually adopts the moniker of Red Arrow. It remains to be seen why this new Green Arrow adopted Oliver Queen's mantle, but in the comics, Emiko was originally determined to replace Oliver as Green Arrow. This new half-sister of Oliver's seems equally determined, telling her father's tombstone that she "is not giving up... not ever..." despite Oliver proving to be more like Robert Queen than she thought.

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8. Is Arrow About To Introduce The Ninth Circle?

Green Arrow vs The Ninth Circle

"Unmasked" continued ARGUS' investigation into an image of the painting "Dante (He Hath Seen Hell)" that was digitally encoded into the financial files of a black-market chemical weapons dealer. Lyla Michaels determined that multiple terrorist organizations, including Kobra, Basilisk and the Third World Liberation Army, were all using the painting of Dante as an identifier. Cross-referencing the name Dante with the financial records she had retrieved from a Swiss bank known to be a front for several criminal organizations led her to a bank account and five transactions between "Dante" and a consulting firm named Rubrum, Silentsim & Ursa - a front for The Longbow Hunters.

The idea of a vast criminal financial group overseen by someone called Dante seems to be a pretty clear reference to the Ninth Circle. The primary villains of Benjamin Percy's run on the Green Arrow comic book, the Ninth Circle were a cabal of corrupt executives and bankers who financed various criminal enterprises in secret. Led by the mysterious figure known only as Dante, the Ninth Circle also ran a number of profitable illegal enterprises, such as human trafficking, while offering white-collar criminals a place to safely deposit their holdings. While the name of Dante may be a coincidence, a body like the Ninth Circle would certainly be capable of all the financial misdeeds ARGUS is investigating in Arrow.

7. What Exactly Is Oliver's Position With The Police?

Arrow Oliver Queen Dinah Drake Mayor Pollard

Dinah Drake finds a brilliant loophole that allows Oliver Queen to operate openly as Green Arrow without violating Star City's anti-vigilante statutes. So long as Oliver is working alongside the police in an official capacity, it does not count as vigilantism. This begs the question as to what Oliver's official status with the SCPD is. Deputy? Special Agent? Or is he, as he said earlier in the episode, a Consultant, akin to that most famous of Police Consultants, the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes?

6. Can Oliver and Felicity's Marriage Last?

Arrow Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak Unmasked Stephen Amell Emily Bett Rickards

When Felicity Smoak draws a gun in defense of their home when she and Oliver are attacked by an assassin called The Mirror, Oliver is more than a little disturbed. He was not prepared for how badly the past seven months have changed Felicity or how her near-death encounter with Ricardo Diaz pushed her to become more militant in protecting herself and her family. While Oliver says he wants to get to know the new Felicity and see how much the woman he married is still there, Felicity confesses that what is best for her right now might not be the same thing that is best for them as a couple. It remains to be seen if the two might be able to readjust how they view one another but the future of Star City 2038 suggests that they are destined to fail.

5. Will Diggle Working With Diaz Ruin Everything For Him?

Arrow John Diggle ARGUS

With no other options left to them in their efforts to track the mysterious Dante, Lyla and Diggle turn to the only person they know who has had contact with someone who knows how to contact Dante - Ricardo Diaz. Diggle tells Lyla directly that there is no way they can ever let Oliver or Felicity know that they've elected to try and work with the man who ruined their lives and tore their family apart. Given Team Arrow's track-record for keeping secrets, this means that the two will almost certainly find out and that their already strained friendships may finally break for good. Ironically, this may lead to Digg's greatest fear - losing his family in the same way Oliver lost his - coming true, as he and Oliver have come to consider each other brothers.

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