Who Killed Felicity? The Clues To Arrow Season 7's New Mystery

Arrow season 7 episode 6, "Due Process," revealed more clues about Felicity's mysterious death. In one of three future Arrowverse timelines, the remnants of Team Arrow, including Oliver's son, William Queen, discover that Felicity Smoak had been murdered a few weeks prior to them meeting.

Arrow season 7 is using flashforwards instead of flashbacks to explore a future where an adult version of William Queen travels to Lian Yu and meets an aged Roy Harper. In the season 7 premiere, William discovered that an arrowhead given to him by Felicity contained mysterious coordinates. The coordinates, which apparently came from Felicity, led him back to Star City where he encountered older versions of Dinah and Rene's daughter, Zoe. While William learned a few details about what Felicity had been up to, it's still unclear what she wanted from him - but it might have something to do with the plot to destroy Star City.

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With Arrow season 7 still setting up the rest of the mystery regarding the Star City 2038 plot, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered about Felicity's death. Yet, there are also quite a few clues that may reveal where the story is going.

What We Know About Felicity's Death

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In an earlier Arrow season 7 episode, William was told that Felicity had died. It's been confirmed that whatever happened to Felicity occurred just weeks before William's arrival in Star City. According to Dinah, Felicity was murdered after being caught up in "dangerous circles" and using her father's code-name, The Calculator. Of course, it's not hard to believe that Felicity would have found a way to fake her death and is somehow still alive. More answers may be found in the next few episodes when William investigates the last person Felicity contacted, "Blackstar".

Before Felicity's "death," she was apparently working on something secret and this is what caused her to involve William. If Felicity knew something was going to happen to her, it would make sense for her to recruit someone - particularly someone she once knew, such as William Queen - to finish her work.

Does Felicity's Death Connect To The Star City Plot?

Arrow Due Process

Felicity's death isn't the only mystery in Arrow's flashforwards. While at Smoak Technologies in Arrow season 7 episode 6, William, Roy, Dinah, and Zoe search through Felicity's files and find plans to destroy Star City. Plotting to wipe out Star City does seem more than out-of-character for someone like Felicity, but the flashforwards are clearly indicating that future Felicity isn't the person she once was.

If it's true that Felicity was involved in a scheme to destroy Star City in the year 2038, then this could provide some reasoning as to why someone would murder her. Such a plot would certainly put her at odds with countless people who would do whatever it took to stop her. It's even possible that a vigilante or a former member of Team Arrow would have killed her. After all, it's what her husband, Oliver Queen, had done in Arrow season 1, when he supposedly "killed" Malcolm Merlyn to prevent him from destroying the Glades.

It's no coincidence that the present day storyline in this week's episode, "Due Process," put a heavy emphasis on Felicity's willingness to go to any lengths to bring down Diaz. At one point, she knowingly endangers Anatoly just to give her more time to get information on Diaz's operations. Diggle reminds Felicity that if she keeps going down this path, she may not be a hero anymore. It remains to be seen if Felicity's Arrow season 7 story arc is a precursor to what happens to her in 2038.

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