Arrow: 8 Big Questions After Season 7 Episode 6, “Due Process”

4. Who Killed Felicity In The Future?

The flashforward scenes in Arrow season 7 episode 4, "Level Two", ended with the shocking revelation that Felicity Smoak was dead in the future of Star City 2038. The latest episode revealed that Felicity's death was a recent event and that she had apparently been murdered several weeks earlier, at about the same time that William Clayton first started receiving strange signals through a GPS hidden inside the Queen Family Hozen. We are told by Dinah that Felicity had changed greatly over the years, falling in with a bad crowd and taking up her father's old alias as The Calculator. Though no clues have been revealed yet as to who is responsible for murdering Felicity, this mystery will doubtlessly be a major part of episodes yet to come.

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3. What Is The Mark Of Four?

Arrow Colton Haynes as Future Roy Harper

Roy Harper was reluctant to leave Lian Yu, only agreeing to accompany William Clayton back to Star City after he found a mysterious message hidden in a compartment in Oliver Queen's first bow, which he and William discovered in Arrow season 9 episode 2, "The Longbow Hunters." Later, when Dinah asks him directly why he chose to return, Roy revealed that the message in the bow was something called "The Mark Of Four." What precisely The Mark of Four is remains unexplained, but Dinah clearly recognizes the term and asks how it is possible that wound up in Oliver's bow on Lian Yu. Roy Harper has no idea, but they agree to keep this news a secret from William Clayton and Zoe Ramirez, for some reason.

2. Is Future Felicity Part Of The Plan To Blow Up Star City?

Arrow Star City 2038 Dinah Drake Roy Harper William Clayton Puzzle Cube Map of The Glades

Upon discovering Felicity's hidden lair, William is able to hack her computer and examine the last file she had open - a series of blueprints for major buildings around Star City as well schematics for a number of powerful bombs and the bank accounts needed to construct them. Dinah is quick to assume the worst and presume that Felicity was part of a group that wants to destroy Star City. William speculates that Felicity may have uncovered the terrorist plot and summoned him in order to get help stopping it. There is no hard evidence one way or the other so far, but viewers can bet that this will be addressed in the future.

1. Who Is Blackstar?

DC Comics Darkstar Villains

The final flashforward scene in this week's Arrow has William checking Felicity's phone records and determining that the last person she spoke to was labeled "Blackstar" in Felicity's contacts. Strangely enough, there are several DC Comics characters who use the name Blackstar, though their backgrounds vary wildly: Black Star, a crime boss who once fought Green Arrow and the other Seven Soldiers of Victory during the 1940's; Blackstarr, a Supergirl villain who was both a Nazi and an energy manipulator; Blackstar, a Firestorm villain from 2012 who claimed to be a living black hole; and Black Star; a sinister female spy from the Blackhawk comics.

It seems unlikely, however, that any of these characters are being adapted to appear in the far future of Arrow.

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