Arrow: 8 Big Questions After Season 7 Episode 6, “Due Process”

Black Siren and Felicity continue their odd alliance, as the hunt for Ricardo Diaz continues in the latest episode of Arrow season 7, "Due Process."

Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Questions

Arrow season 7 episode 6, "Due Process", saw Felicity "Overwatch" Smoak continuing to develop a new vigilante group to bring Ricardo Diaz to justice. Felicity joined both Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez and Diaz's former ally Black Siren in the field in a bid to follow up on a lead to Diaz's whereabouts. At the same time, Black Siren made good on her promise in the last episode to pursue a legal case to get Oliver Queen out of prison.

Meanwhile, in Slabside Penitentiary, Oliver Queen had new problems to worry about. While he had been freed from the prison's secret second level, where a number of illegal and unethical medical experiments were being conducted, the murder of a guard threw the whole of the prison into sharp relief. Stanley, the one friend Oliver had made while in prison, was accused of the crime, leading Oliver to investigate rumors that Ben "Bronze Tiger" Turner was the real killer.

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Though much was laid bare in the latest episode of Arrow season 7, there are still some questions left in the wake of "Due Process." Here are the biggest topics that fans are discussing now that the episode is over.

8. When Will We Find Out Who The New Green Arrow Is?

Arrow Season 7 The New Green Arrow in Level 2

The new Green Arrow made an appearance as Ricardo Diaz and the Longbow Hunters attempted to burn Star City by setting off two bombs inside a natural gas plant. All of the former members of Team Arrow were present for the battle, confirming that none of them has taken up Oliver Queen's mantle. The only member of the regular cast not present for the battle, Black Siren, was visiting Oliver in prison at the time and appeared to be surprised when Felicity texted her to inform her that Diaz had been captured. This suggests a new character is running around in Green Arrow's leather armor, though there's still no hint as to their identity under the hood.

7. How Was Black Siren's Appeal Plan Supposed To Work?

Arrow Katie Cassidy as Black Siren in Level 2

In Arrow's previous episode, Black Siren said that she could use the evidence of illegal medical experiments being conducted on the inmates of Slabside Penitentiary as a way to free Oliver Queen. It was unclear how this was possible and the events of "Due Process" did little to clarify matters. Her chief argument - that Oliver deserved to be freed for his apparent heroism in exposing the experiments - ignored that Oliver was guilty of the crimes for which he had sent to prison. It would have been far more effective for her to try and secure a new trial or a pardon for Oliver, rather than arguing that he should be released because the FBI didn't uphold their end of his plea-bargain. Particularly when, as was pointed out several times in the Arrow season 6 finale, Oliver agreed to plead guilty in exchange for the FBI's help in bringing down Ricardo Diaz's criminal empire - not capturing Diaz himself.

Ignoring the weak argument, Black Siren also banked heavily on the fact that having a District Attorney arguing that Oliver Queen should have his convictions appealed would be sure to win the judge over. This ignored that said District Attorney was, in the eyes of the world at large, Oliver Queen's ex-fiancee and the original Black Canary. Realistically no judge would have allowed the real Laurel Lance anywhere near Oliver Queen's case, due to the many conflicts of interest involved.

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6. What Will Oliver Do About Stanley?

Arrow Season 7 Oliver Queen and Stanley

The subplot of Arrow season 7 episode 6 centered upon Oliver saw the former Green Arrow trying to prove that Stanley - the weaselly inmate who attached himself to Oliver shortly after his arrival in Slabside Penitentiary - was innocent of stabbing a guard to death. The investigation began shortly after Oliver questioned Stanley while he was locked in solitary confinement and Stanley told him that he heard the guard had been attacked with a knife in the showers but nobody knew where the murder weapon was. This led to Oliver discovering the blood-soaked knife hidden behind a loose tile in the shower belonging to his old enemy, Ben "Bronze Tiger" Turner.

It was only after Bronze Tiger was thrown into solitary in Stanley's place that Oliver realized the truth: how could Stanley have heard about how the guard died when he was thrown in The Hole immediately? Stanley claimed to have heard the news somewhere, but it's clear that Stanley lied, trusting in his new friend to protect him. Now, the big question becomes how Oliver will respond to having his faith broken.

5. Will The Longbow Hunters Try To Free Diaz?

Arrow The Longbow Hunters Silencer Kodiak and Red Dart

Though the heroes of Star City were able to thwart Ricardo Diaz's plans to blow up a natural gas plant and capture the former crime-boss, his allies in The Longbow Hunters were able to escape. They seemed unwilling to risk their lives to rescue Diaz or to see his plan through to the end once the tide of the battle turned against them. Are the three legendary assassins waiting for a better opportunity to retrieve their client? Or are they ready to cut their losses and seek employment elsewhere?

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