Arrow: 10 Biggest Questions After Episode 4 "Level Two"

5. Is Star City 2038 a precursor to Zari Tomaz's time?

Curiously, what fans see of Star City in 2038 does match up with a different alternate future - the one that Zari Tomaz came from before joining the crew of the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow. First appearing in the season 3 episode "Zari", the titular heroine was a hacktivist in Seattle 2042. Her premiere episode revealed that the future American government had outlawed metahumans, vigilantes, and religion, thus making the devout Muslim hacker with a magic amulet, which let her control the wind, into an enemy of the state several times over.

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This would seem to match up fairly well with what audiences see of Star City 2038, where the Glades have been turned into some kind of high-security gated community set apart from the squalor of Star City and vigilantes are to be shot on sight.

4. Which Green Arrow Comics Inspired Star City 2038?

Green Arrow The Rise Of Star City

Surprisingly, the idea of a walled-off city existing within Green Arrow's hometown has come up more than once in the comics. The first instance came in 2006 during the One Year Later event, in which the on-going storyline of all of DC Comics' books jumped forward one year. It was here that Oliver Queen was elected Mayor of Star City, after the previous mayor - in response to a supervillain attack devastating much of the city - elected to build a wall around the poorest, most crime-ridden parts of town while waiting for various businesses to buy up the land and gentrify the devastated neighborhoods.

The second instance came during "The Rise of Star City" storyline from Green Arrow: Rebirth. It was here that a sinister cabal of Satanic bankers, The Ninth Circle, undertook an effort to turn Seattle into the first of several "Star Cities" - communities run entirely on Randian Capitalism, with no social services or public works save those which privately-owned companies were willing to invest in. This resulted in an over-sized gated community, where the rich got richer and the poor, forced into the slums outside the city proper, got poorer. This later case sounds very much like what happened to The Glades and Star City in the future of 2038.

3. What is Dinah and Roy's Relationship in The Future?

When Dinah Drake saves Roy Harper and William Clayton from the police in Star City 2038, she makes several cryptic comments about Roy. First, she says that he never should have come back to Star City, with clear hostility in her voice. She later says that he used to be much more patient. Since the two haven't met in the world of Star City 2018, this begs the questions of how the two vigilantes do meet and what the nature of their relationship is?

2. Where Is The Rest of Team Arrow In Star City 2038?

Arrow Star City 2038 Roy Harper William Clayton Dinah Drake Zoe Ramirez

By the end of "Level Two", viewers learn that Rene Ramirez's daughter Zoe has become a vigilante and that Dinah Drake left the SCPD to become Black Canary once again. When asked about her father, Zoe only says that he wouldn't be caught dead in Star City. Dinah also reveals that Felicity Smoak is dead. This leaves the better part of Team Arrow unaccounted for, raising questions as to what has happened to Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, and Curtis Holt in the future, as well as anyone else who joins Team Arrow along the way.

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1. If Felicity Is Dead, Who Is Sending William The Puzzles?

Arrow Star City 2038 Dinah Drake Roy Harper William Clayton Puzzle Cube Map of The Glades

Most of the flash-forward scenes focus on William solving a variety of puzzles, seemingly left behind by Felicity. These include a coding puzzle that Felicity once showed him as a child, which unlocks a vault containing a Rubik's Cube. The cube itself contains a hologram projector, which reveals a map of secret passages into The Glades once William twists the cube around to create a cube within a cube - a pattern that was his favorite one to create when playing learning games with Felicity.

All of these puzzles were seemingly built around knowledge that only Felicity and William had, yet, according to Dinah Drake, Felicity is dead. So who is sending William the puzzles and why? Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered in next week's episode.

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Arrow season 7 airs Mondays on The CW.

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